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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000840.txt from 1999/04

From: "Ed Maurey" <>
Subj: [kl] Legere Reeds
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1999 20:55:26 -0400

I got my first Legere reeds in the mail less than a week ago. This weekend
I played in two concerts with one. I am definitely sold. As far as I'm
concerned they can start planting soy beans in the cane fields!

Here's a list of their virtues:
1. They always play the same.
2. Since they are so constant I can develop a real feel for my reed, just
as a flutist can get a real feel for his head joint.
3. During a concert I often have stretches when I don't play for, say,
half an hour. When it's time to play again my reed is exactly as it was
4. I don't waste my valuable practice time messing with reeds.
5. If I'm nervous and my mouth gets dry it just doesn't matter.
6. They sound great and since they don't force me to make constant
adaptations I'm free to concentrate on the business of playing music!
7. Guy Legere is a great guy to talk with.
8. Guy Legere is a great guy to do business with.

The acid test for reeds is my C clarinet. Legere reeds made it sound
great...never better. This weekend I had to play the first oboe parts for
the Prague Symphony and Die Fledermaus Overture. Those parts are extremely
oboeistic and delicate. The Legere was just terrific. I was always in
control. It was great fun.

Ed Maurey

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