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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000776.txt from 1999/04

From: Bill and/or Chris <>
Subj: Re: [kl]Duke
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 01:39:47 -0400

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz are we done yet.


At 01:11 4/10/99 , you wrote:
>Just some thoughts for those people on this list who assume all people here
>*CAN* look up the easy stuff...
>> >From: <>
>> > In a message dated 4/9/99 8:12:20 PM, you wrote:
>> >
>> > But ...
>> > Some information is _very_ easy to find, some not. It'd be nice if
>> > people would try to find the easy information on their own, and turn
>> > to the list for the harder stuff. For instance, finding the clarinet
>> > instructor at Duke was very, very easy: I didn't even use a search
>> > engine, just tried, went to the college of Arts &
>> > Sciences, looked for music and faculty, and searched for "clarinet" on
>> > the faculty page. 30 seconds, tops (on a fast connection).
>First, not everyone on this list has access to the web. Many people on this
>list only have e-mail access from work terminals/PCs and *CANNOT* access the
>web. They cannot access what you say is *easy stuff* to find. I work for
>companies every day who only give web access to certain employees, and the
>rest have just e-mail access, because (the company thinks) they have no
>particular need for the internet to do their job. A lot of these people do not
>have a computer or web access at home either. This list is invaluable to those
>people because they *CAN'T* get their clarinet answers cruising the web.
>Secondly, some people on this list (and in every walk of life) are not savvy
>enough with computers to search the web easily. Just because someone has an
>e-mail account from a well known provider of internet service (i.e.
>doesn't mean they *KNOW* how to surf the internet, just that they have e-mail
>access, and maybe do instant messages with friends. I have LOTS of friends
>here in New York and in other cities who have AOL or other providers and use
>their computers only for e-mail access or to send an "instant message" here
>and there because of time constraints or just lack of know-how. I try to help
>my friends as best as I can, but some of them will *never* be able to
>successfully surf the's not their forte in life. This list gives them
>access to worldly clarinet knowledge because of the composition of the people
>on the list, and to deprive them of accessing that knowledge because they are
>not good enough on the computer to find the *easy* things on the net ahead of
>time is rather aloof and rude (something us computer geeks can easily fall
>into unless we remember how we felt when we started using a computer).
>Although I fancy myself as very computer savvy (I do high level e-mail and
>network consulting work), I can remember being lost on the internet 12 years
>ago when I started. I wish I had access then to a resource like Klarinet to
>ask about things with my music career, and might have taken some different
>roads in the path to where I am now. I would have been the one to have asked
>questions like, "Who teaches at (John Doe University) and what are they like?
>Would they be a good teacher for what I want to do with my life?"
>> > Gee, do ya think that maybe the person asked about an instructor at
>> > Duke so perhaps they could also get a reference from someone? Like,
>> > oh yeah that's bill smith who teaches there and he is a really great
>> > teacher. Just a thought. I really didn't think it was necessary to
>> > jump down that person's throat like that. (Sorry I didn't catch the
>> > name of the person who posted)
>Thirdly, (I'm agreeing on this one) the original question wanted to know who
>the Duke clarinet instructor is *and* information on the teacher...there might
>be more than one, or an adjunct teacher who was better, or maybe a teacher
>outside of the school who was better to take from if he/she asking the
>question was not a clarinet major, and wanted to find the best teacher. The
>original post sounded like it came from someone wanting information of the
>teacher and what they were like personally and professionally. That's
>something you *WON'T* find on the Duke website.
> my soapbox.
>By the way...for those interested in how *my* Mozart Requiem performance in
>New York City went (I was the one who asked a few weeks ago if anyone knew how
>to find a basset horn on short notice when the one I was renting fell through)
>it went REALLY well. I ended up transposing down a fourth (something I don't
>so often) and the 2nd player did also (he couldn't get one either). I had a
>blast. The singers were quite good for a church choir, and the ensemble that
>played (partial orchestra with organ filling in parts) worked really well
>together. (P.S. Thanks Dan for the info a while back on the Requiem. Even
>though I *couldn't* play it on basset horn, it helped a lot!)
>Anyway, thanks for enduring the long post...
>Kelly Abraham
>Woodwinds/Computer Geek
>New York City
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