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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000535.txt from 1999/04

From: "Mark Charette" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] the Duke thing
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 10:51:15 -0400

From: Jill R. Exner <>
> I think it'd "be nice" just to answer the question of a bright young
> who is on his way to college. Goodness knows, I've seen a lot worse
> questions on this list--and the petty fussing has tied up this list to
> much greater extent than a simple, polite, informative answer would.

Somehow I think wires got crossed in the back and forth of the list. My
original response was:
Victor wrote:
>Hi. I may be attending Duke University next year. However, I would
>like to continue my development on the clarinet. Does anyone on the
>list know who the clarinet instructor is at Duke?

This is the kind of thing the Internet is great for, and almost every
educational institute has a Web page. Within 30 seconds of trying, I
came up with:
which lists James Gilmore, and a link from his name brought me to

James Gilmore, clarinet*, 660-3300
M.S., Julliard School of Music. Principal clarinet, North Carolina
Symphony. Formerly with Rochester Philharmonic.


I wouldn't have posted anything had I not been able to answer part of
the question. Now, there was a flame as a followup, and I posted a
response to the flame where I agreed in principle to part of it - but
not to the wording of it.

> Mark, Victor is probably the nicest, most talented, most intelligent
> young man you'd ever want to know--he is a friend of my daughter--and
> think you just had a moment of pomposity.

Well, if my words appeared as pompous, I apologize for that. They
weren't intended to come off that way, neither do I want to embarrass
Victor or anyone else, so please forgive me if it came out that way. I
deal with many _really_ inane questions daily as Webmaster & Klarinet
admin, so I may be oversensitive. That's my fault - I'm sorry.

My feelings that people should try to do "easy stuff" before coming to
the list still stand, though. "It'd be nice" ... but you won't see me
flaming people who ask those questions. I'd rather just tell them the
answer and _how_ to get the info for next time - or keep my mouth shut.

"Cards by Aimee",
"The phenomenon is too variable for proper study" often
translates from "I don't know how to get musicians to do
anything twice the same" - A. H. Benade

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