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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000470.txt from 1999/04

Subj: [kl] Double Lip Playing
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999 21:46:59 -0400

Hello to everyone, I'm sure this subject has probably been discussed before,
but I've only been on the list for about 2 months. At my last lesson, my
teacher got so fed up with my chin not staying flat constantly, that he made
me play with a double lip embouchure for the rest of the lesson, and wants me
to do 15 minutes of double lip warm ups everyday. Playing with double lip
isn't exactly the most comfortable thing in the world for me to do, but I do
really feel that it is strengthening my embouchure and helping to remind me
to keep my chin flat at all times (my major embouchure problem ever since I
first began playing 5 years ago). Anyways, I was just wondering how the rest
of the clarinet players on this list felt about it. Does anyone else
practice with double lip, is it really beneficial? From my high school
viewpoint, I realize I may not know all the facts about it, so I was hoping
to learn a little more about it.

Amy :)

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