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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000206.txt from 1999/04

From: Roger Garrett <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Wood/plastic, etc...
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 1999 09:58:04 -0400

On Sun, 4 Apr 1999, Mark Charette wrote:
> And where did you find the statement "
> "he does not play the clarinet well enough to understand what I am
> saying. " I seem to remember saying I don't play the clarinet well,
> however I can't remember saying that because of that I don't understand
> you. You may have jumped to that conclusion, however, sir, I was a
> professional performer on an instrument (in the sense of getting paid
> for it) for over 20 years. I may just have enough experience - but, in
> your opinion, maybe not.

I made a conclusion based on what you told us. If you do understand the
issue of resistance and response and the way in which it affects a
clarinetists' tone, please accept my apology for not concluding correctly.

> Enough of answering your clap-trap. Some of us have better things to do,
> and I'm sure the list is tired of hearing at least my point of view.
> Heavy sigh.

They may be tired of my point of view as well. But - please don't refer
to mine as clap-trap. I don't see any reason to dismiss what I say as
such simply because you don't agree with it. Your views are just as valid
as anyone else's - I wouldn't think of calling it "clap-trap"

I'll bet I can sigh heavier than you can.
Roger Garrett
Professor of Clarinet
Director - Concert Band, Symphonic Winds & Titan Band
Advisor - Recording Studio
Illinois Wesleyan University

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