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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000073.txt from 1999/04

From: Mark Bradley <>
Subj: [kl] questions
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 1999 01:39:03 -0500

Hi all,

It certainly has been a long time since I have been reading Klarinets
but I see things are as they always are (I promise I will read some of
the articles I missed this summer, when I have time to breath on my
own!). It's been a great year so far, I've been out and about farther
than I have gone before. Last month was my first time at West Point for
the state Science Olympiad. It's a cool place and I hear they have a
band, too!

I recently read Brymer's book, Clarinet, and I had a lot of questions on
it. Unfortunately my father already returned it to the college library
and I need it for reference. If anyone has read this book, though, let
me know. I found a lot, especially the clarinet history interesting.
His thoughts on clarinet pedagogy also were a lot different and are
things I will take into consideration when I am older and teaching

I recently played in the pit for the Wizard of Oz, my FIRST pit
orchestra experience, and this was not an easy book to start on say a
few other members. The most fun part was juggling between three horns
when I knocked over the stand nearly causing my clarinet and the other's
flute to fall in a domino-like thing during the performance. I was
ready to pass out as I watched this happen but luckily I caught it
before anything went wrong! Overall we sounded great and I am already
looking forward to next year, I was surprised how good this community
group sounded and performed.

I am playing in the pit for Fiddler on the Roof for a local high school,
and what can I say except it is a lot of fun! The performance is in a
week though and I need to start to practice! Hope for the best on this
one, for a lot of people this is the very first performance experience
they have had in a musical.

Playing in the pit, I got acquainted with the bass clarinet (pretty soon
I'll start calling it Ol' Bessy and then even ask my parents to buy me
my own), and have decided that next year I am going to work on a few
solos for this instrument. I am open to suggestions, I enjoy playing
new music as well as anything more classical.

I am auditioning the Poulenc Sonata for NY conference all-state in May,
and I was looking through the clarinet archives and found a link to a
page that listed some corrections to the printed version. I can't
remember the person who authored this page (it was awhile back and I
lost the link). The recording I have though of Emma Johnson playing it
doesn't seem to have caught these errors, so I am wondering a few
things. How reliable is this source (for those of you who know the web
page I am talking about that listed these)? Would it be a mistake if I
were to play it with the corrections during my audition? I'd hate
getting into a conversion with the adjudicator about it (can you
imagine, "Well, I found them on the Internet!"). Also if there are any
corrections in the clarinet part I can imagine there are more than a few
in the piano's.

Does anyone know a good book that relates mathematics to reed playing,
or wind playing in general? Our final paper in calculus has to be on a
book we have read on mathematics and I'd like to make it a little more
interesting and relevant. Plus I'm afraid if I ask my physicist father
for a suggestion he'll pull out something I'd as soon as fall asleep
reading than understand ;-) j/k

Well, thanks for answering any questions or responding to my aimless
musings. It's great to start reading the list again.
Regards to everyone (and check if someone slipped you a Poisson d'avril
while you weren't looking!). Salut,
Mark A. Bradley Tel:(518)846-8836 Chazy Central Rural School
Chazy, New York Fax:(518)846-8684 Sophomore Class of 2001

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