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Klarinet Archive - Posting 001420.txt from 1999/01

From: Note Staff Unlimited <>
Subj: [kl] Some observations on K.268
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 19:06:44 -0500

Oliver Seely schrieb:

> Several weeks ago a KLARINETist posted something of a rhetorical
> question about K.268, Mozart's "spurious" or "dubious" Violin Concerto #6,
> and offered the conjecture that the composer had meant it to be for clarinet.

- snip

> I did a little
> rearranging of the solo clarinet (solo violin) part because there are some
> low-high-low-high 16th note passages which in my opinion aren't
> going to work for clarinet. The score which I release will be identical to
> that which
> was published in the Mozart/Eck original edition, but I'll also offer my
> rearranged
> solo clarinet part in .MUS format (You'll also be able to download Mark
> Charette's
> .pdf format sometime in the near future.)
> I took the liberty of transposing the Bb Clarinet movements to
> concert Bb,F and Bb from the concert Eb,Bb,Eb original versions,
> because such a transposition lowers the range for the clarinet 5 half steps
> from
> that of the violin in the original versions. Even so, there was
> still a little messing about with octaves where doing so produces
> a more pleasing sound (for me, anyway).

- snip -

> The files have been uploaded and are ready for your playing enjoyment at
> Oliver


Thanks ever so much for the work Oliver! I downloaded it and transposed it back
to the original key (transposed for Bb clarinet of course) and printed it out.
It's a bit high like that isn't it? Anyway, I'll muck around with it from there.
By the time Schott comes out with Kloeker's version, I won't need to buy it

I'd try it out right now, this very minute but I don't want to wake anybody!

David Glenn

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