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Klarinet Archive - Posting 001394.txt from 1999/01

From: "Sheryl L. Katz" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] re: Hite M.P.'s
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 10:46:02 -0500

I use a Hite Premiere on my backup clarinet and the Hite Artist on my main
clarinet. I love the Hite mouthpieces. They are very free blowing compared
to the Vandoren B45. My Yamaha YCL 72 has a dreadfully stuffy Bb, and the
Hite Artist is much better than any other mouthpiece I've tried in relieving
the stuffiness. The Premiere was quite cheap, and I don't care for how it
looks or feels because it is plastic, not hard rubber, but ever since I put
one of those rubber mouthpiece patches on it I can't tell the difference
from the Artist.

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From: David Blumberg <>
Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 12:27 AM
Subject: [kl] re: Hite M.P.'s

>From: "Gordon Macey" <>
>Subject: RE:Mouthpieces
>Message-ID: <000001be4a22$d01da5e0$78a2dac1=GordonMacey>
>I am thinking of trying the J D Hite mouthpiece range and wonder if anyone
>on the list has tried these and what they think of them.
>I play on Buffet RC clarinets and currently use Vandoren B45 spot and V12
>2.5 or 3 reeds.
>I have many, many students playing on the Hite line. I probably would have
>one myself, but I'm still waiting for David to Handpick me one as a gift
>for doing his reviews on OCR. (don't ask how long it's been, he keeps
>telling me any day
>B45 SPOT???????????? (and your dog's name is.......;)
>David Blumberg - My Tempo Accompaniments for Woodwind Players (100+ pieces,
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