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Klarinet Archive - Posting 001296.txt from 1999/01

From: "Carl Schexnayder" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 22:54:35 -0500

To the person who posted the original message:

If you'd like to get a nicer instrument without having to pay an exorbitant
amount of money, I'd like to recommend two instruments that play almost as
well as any professional instrument and are still very reasonably priced. I
have gotten several of these for my students and have been very pleasantly
surprized at the all-around quality. They are the LeBlanc "Sonata", less
than $1000.00 at the Woodwind and Brasswind, and the Vito "VSP", also made
by LeBlanc and I thing under $800.00 at the Woodwind and Brasswind. Both
have the same bore size as the Buffet R13 and the LeBlanc Opus & Concerto.
The "VSP" has a reverse taper upper joint and the "Sonata" has a
polycylindrical upper joint. The "Sonata" sounds a little better, but both
sound quite good, and both sound better than the Noblet, (which is still
good and is what I've used for many years for students who couldn't afford a
professional level clarinet. As Bill mentioned already, if you feel that
you will not be progressing to the point where it will be "necessary" to
have a such a high quality instrument, that's up to you, of course! But, I
do think you'll really enjoy playing on those instruments and that seems to
me to be just as good a point to consider!
Carl Schexnayder
>At 12:08 PM 1/24/99 +1100, Roger Harvey wrote:
>>I am 56 years old, and started learning to play the clarinet about a year
>>ago. I know I'll never be a very good player, but I do get a lot of
>>enjoyment learning and hearing my playing improve.
>>My question is that I bought a Le Blanc Noblet 45 about 6 months ago, and
>>I'm pretty happy with it, but I would like to buy the Infinite which is
>>currently being offered at a very good price by the WW & the BW. I have
>>buy it blind from here in deepest Tasmania.
>>Would I be wasting my money, and in view of my likely ultimate standard of
>>playing should I stick with the Noblet? Despite not being able to make
>>most of an Infinite I think I would enjoy handling a fine quality
>The Noblet 45 is a pretty nice intermediate instrument. For your level of
>playing at this time it should be more than adequate. Of course, if you
>have money burning a hole in your pocket...
>Bill Hausmann
>451 Old Orchard Drive
>Essexville, MI 48732
> ICQ UIN 4862265
>If you have to mic a saxophone, the rest of the band is too loud.
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