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Klarinet Archive - Posting 001003.txt from 1999/01

Subj: [kl] Leaving the horn out
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 16:11:53 -0500

It's just bad for the clarinet to leave it together and out. Yes, for a
plastic clarinet it makes no difference, but I just can't see letting students
develop bad habits. When we're talking about ten minutes to practice, then
yes, the time to put a horn together becomes important, but I'd consider that
an exception, and certainly it would be advantageous to save those couple of

However, in general, I still stand that the time to put a clarinet together is
negligible and putting it away during long breaks should be encouraged. If a
student will only practice when the horn is sitting on a peg staring at him,
then I question the student's motivation to begin with.

Now, yes, I take a lot of breaks when I practice, and for anything under ten
minutes, I do leave my clarinet on a peg. (Never in a cold room, however.)
Anything longer than that, the constant humidity and temperature changes are
bad for the wood.

I firmly stand that the habit of putting the instrument away for younger
players should be developed.

Teri Herel.

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