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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000946.txt from 1999/01

Subj: Re: [kl] R-13
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 09:03:16 -0500

Kevin Fay:
>It's true that Tom did not post similar problems over the Leblanc horns, at
>least at first--but to be fair, he may not want to for reasons wholly aside
>from how they play, given his current status with that company.

Thank you, Kevin, for sharing what I could not.

I don't
>think he meant to besmirch Buffet's efforts, or to denigrate the
>achievements of Mr. Carree--hopefully his purpose was just to point out the
>problems, and seek ways to fix them. Perhaps because of the way some of it
>was worded, Francois took offense; again, hopefully a misunderstanding.
I have apologized to Francois for any offense he took in my
statements.....but not for the statements.

>Tom likes the Selmer Signature. I tried one, and it's true that the
>intonation appeared to be more stable than my 1969 R-13. I did not like it,
>though--from a purely subjective standpoint, I though it sounded a little
>dead. While the resistance was very even, it was considerably more than
>what I've come to like. (I'm lazy--I don't want to work so hard.)

Some individual Signatures do require a lighter reed to get a similar
resistance, but I think I have pointed this out more than once, and also
alluded to the virtues this resistance can offer. If I have not, thanks
for bringing it up.
>When the time comes to replace my R-13s (translation--when my wife lets me
>blow another four grand on instruments, don't hold your breath), I will
>certainly try the R-13 for sale at that time. As well as every other horn I
>can get my hand on. If I win this week's Lotto, it would probably be a pair
>of Festivals--I tried some, and liked 'em, which is all that counts

Festivals, in my estimation, would be an improvement, most especially in
tuning, and in other ways as well .

>long as people like Francois, Guy Chadash and Tom Ridenour are around,
>though, clarinets will get better. Next year--who knows what we'll get to
>chat about?

I can't wait!
Thanks, Kevin.

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