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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000910.txt from 1999/01

From: Note Staff Unlimited <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Rudeness and humility
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 19:15:16 -0500

- snip -

> I am sorry if I gave a bad image of my country and I didn't mean to be rude, I
> just try to explain myself as good as I can and since I am pationate somethime
> I go off and please forgive me for that, I don't want injure or hurt anyone.
> Francois Kloc
> Woodwind Product Specialist
> Boosey & Hawkes Musical Instruments Inc.
> Ps This was my last message to the list enjoy your time Tom and all of you.
> The people who know me and have my e-mail adress are welcome to contact me if
> they need any information on Buffet.
> It was nice beeing part of your familly for a while but I don't want me be
> thoug as a rude, not humble person and since I have no control of my poor
> english yet I prefer work on it and then come back one day.
> Musically Yours


I do enjoy it but I'll miss that cute, typical but very understandable language of
yours, Mr. Kloc. Hope you will still read this. In fact, I've long been hoping for
another history like the Oc which you told a while back. Wonderful story to tell
an audience if I ever play that piece!

Best regards,

David Glenn

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