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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000866.txt from 1999/01

Subj: Re: [kl] R13
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 11:52:27 -0500

I wrote:
>Francois, I have played and examined hundreds of Buffet R-13 clarinets over
>a period of almost 30 years now, played them for 25 years, taught the
>instrument in university for 15 years, and worked with scores of wonderful
>players to help correct the faults that frustrated them in their clarinets.
>I assure you the things I stated are not only my privately held opinion,
>but the opinion of many and increasing numbers of players; nor is my
>opinion an uninformed one.

KFrancois responded:
>I started music when I was 6 years old, Piano took oboe when I was 7 and
>French Basson when I was 12 learned clarinet when I was at the army at 20 ok I
>am not playing clarinet as well as you do I am sorry. I am Making woodind
>Instrument since I am 15 years old and I STILL don't know anything so I am
>happy t know you since you are the one who knows everything about anytrhing.

Francois, I don't understand why you are "sharing" your resume. I only
mentioned the things I had done in relation to my opinion of the clarinet
because YOU asked me where I got my understanding of the R-13.

>don't want argue anymore with you about the R13 or the other Buffet Models

Saying, "We are Buffet, most players play our instrument (implication
being, so should you)." Is hardly an argument.

When I was at Leblanc and now I have never come to anyone saying, "I am Tom
Ridenour, my clarinet is better, you should play it because I say so."

What self-assuming arrogance that would be in a person or a company.

My approach was not posturing subjectivism. It was concrete:
I and my students used to find this was a problem on the clarinet. Do you
have the same problem? You do? Well, the new clarinet me have has
corrected this, try it see if you don't agree.
I presented the clarinet.....NOT myself or my history as an argument for
playing it. Many switched. Even those who did not agreed that for the
first time players had a real choice.
Do I know everything as you assert, and do you know nothing, as you assert.
I don't think so. Neither statement is based in reality.
I know some things, and know them in a certain way, mostly thanks for St.
Thomas Aquinas; without him, humanly speaking, I would be very confused.
I would welcome your objective, concrete responses to mine, and would
gladly be corrected where I am wrong, either in type or degree. And I am
sorry that what I have said has driven you to making emotional statements
and sarcastically addressing me. I have made no such personal attack upon
you. Only stated what I think and have come to understand about the
various aspects of the playing characteristics of certain models of
Your anger will not deter me. I am sorry you are upset.
You are, as all, know a fine man and a supeb craftsman, and I am sure, an
excellent musician.
I certainly honor you and consider seriouisly any thing of real substance
you might have to offer.
best regards,

>just would like to thatnks the ones whom play and enjoy the Buffet Clarinet
>around the world and let the other know that even if they don't play Buffet
>product I still respect and thanks them to be musicians who give people so
>much joy whit their playing. I am just a little maker and I don't have the
>absolute answer. I try to serve my passion as much as I can and try to do it
>well. To finish tom a perfect clarinet would put you out of business.
>If you make the perfect clarinet call me. By thye way I met an unhappy
>customer with a Leblanc Opus the trhoat not were way to flat we are not
>leaving in the perfect world.
>Good By all.
>It was a pleasure talking with you all and I will look at this list again but
>I will not paticipate at something nobody as answer for even you MASTER
>Musically Yours
>Francois KLoc
>Woodwind Product Specialist
>Boosey & Hawkes Musical Instruments Inc
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