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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000749.txt from 1999/01

From: Bill Hausmann <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Wm. Whitely Clarinet
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 19:23:35 -0500

At 03:46 PM 1/16/99 -0500, Mark Charette wrote:
>Well, I dug up the the "Deansboro thing" is
>The Musical Museum
>South Main Street
>Route 12-B
>Deansboro, NY 13328
>(315) 841-8774
>Conservation of musical instruments; wide variety of musical instruments
>in the collection; library; repair and restoration workshops; tours;
>concerts; exhibits; publications.
>However, they're only open from April-December, and the phone's not
>currently connected. Does anyone on the list know of the conservators of
>this place or if it's associated with a university? According to the New
>Langwill the museum currently has 3 clarinets by Wm. Whitely, I'm sure
>they'd appreciate more, and my correspondent could possibly get a tax
>deduction out of it.
I haven't been there in a long time, but some years back I lived in upstate
New York and made annual pilgrimages to that Mecca. It is, as far as I
know, privately owned. Their concentration is on mechanical instruments:
music boxes, a couple examples of the Mills Violano (plays violin and piano
accompaniment via punched paper rolls), nickelodeon pianos, hand-crank
organs, etc. I'm quite sure the operation is a labor of love, not a major
money-maker, but a lot of fun to visit, with many hands-on items. It is in
a little out-of-the-way burg and unlikely to draw sufficiently to justify
being open during the winter.

Bill Hausmann
451 Old Orchard Drive
Essexville, MI 48732
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If you have to mic a saxophone, the rest of the band is too loud.

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