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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000737.txt from 1999/01

From: "Mark Charette" <>
Subj: [kl] Wm. Whitely Clarinet
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 15:46:25 -0500

Dear list,
I'm in a bit of a pickle. I received & sent the following e-mails:

>>Hi - I was wondering if you could tell me what a wooden clarinet
>>might be worth or the year it could have be made. it is a Wm
>>Whiteney Utica; Its total length is 23 1/4 including mouth piece;
>>has ivory rings, 5 key pad levers 5 holes on lower and 5 on upper
>>I think - sorry i have to check it out again, condition is
>>excellent no cracks - in real nice shape. Hope you can help me
>> determine the year or some kind of value thanks <sender deleted>
>Dear <sender>
>That clarinet belongs in a music museum! I wouldn't be able to
>determine the value. Here's a bit on the maker (I believe you
>meant Wm. Whitely, Utica) from "The New Langwill Index":
>b. 1786, d 1871. flourished 1810-about 1854. From 1810 made
>flute, fife, clarinet, bassoon; 1816 published one of the
>earliest of US tutors. Much of his original workshop is
>preserved at US-NY-Deansboro"
>So, the instrument was made between 1810-1854. Please,
>please be _very_ careful with it. I'll see what I can dig up
>on the Deansboro thing - I've not heard of it before. I'll
>let you know what I can dig up.

Well, I dug up the the "Deansboro thing" is
The Musical Museum
South Main Street
Route 12-B
Deansboro, NY 13328
(315) 841-8774
Conservation of musical instruments; wide variety of musical instruments
in the collection; library; repair and restoration workshops; tours;
concerts; exhibits; publications.

However, they're only open from April-December, and the phone's not
currently connected. Does anyone on the list know of the conservators of
this place or if it's associated with a university? According to the New
Langwill the museum currently has 3 clarinets by Wm. Whitely, I'm sure
they'd appreciate more, and my correspondent could possibly get a tax
deduction out of it.

All-around good guy and devil-may-care flying fool.
"There can be no freedom without discipline." - Nadia Boulanger

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