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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000718.txt from 1999/01

From: "Jennifer McKenna" <>
Subj: [kl] double lip
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 14:14:34 -0500

(excuse the MY last posting, I keep forgetting that Hotmail doesn't alow
you to use a TAB key when typing the letter!)
I have played clarinet for 9 years now, very wonderful years...well
5 of them anyway, becuase I have had the unfortunate task in highschool,
of being a doubler. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't forced :) I played alto
sax, and at one time had considered that my main instrument, I never
really paid much attention when my saxophone teacher told me I played
sax like a clarinet, I didn't think it really matter. I developed TMJ,
I'm not sure if this was the cause, but it started about half way
through my short lived (4 year) sax career.
Anyway, about 2 weeks ago, I had the very unpleasant task of having
to 'unstick' my jaw, i was practice clarinet when all of a sudden I
heard a pop...followed by pain...and having to slam my jaw closed. (its
very unpleasant for ppl that have had to do this) Well this episode was
followed by a trip to the dentist, and a referral to the Tufts medical
school TMJ team, where I received the second of 2 cortizone shots.
They told me I had done irreversable damage, which I don't agree
with. For those of you that have TMJ, and to those that don't, its very
painful. It's not enough that it effects your playing, but it gives you
headaches that last for days, you can't chew, yawning hurts, among the
emotional pain of not believeing that you can continue to play clarinet.
I love music, and unfortunatly due to the fact that my parents and I
have no money, am not in school to continue my music career at the
moment. But when I heard this, i can't play anymore, I was in total
denial. Almost nothing can be done for TMJ, and the worst of it, HMO's
consider it a stress disorder, and so anything that you want done to
help eleviate pain, you have to pay for yourself.
So, getting to the real point of this sob note :) I was wondering how
many ppl on this list play double lip? I really feel this is my last
option. It should help immensely. Also anyone who knows of ppl who
have played double lip. Unfortunatly it is a dying art. Any information
would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Jennifer :)

P.S. Mr. Miller- I found a band to play in! I don't know if its such a
good idea to do if I'm going to learn to play double lip...stamina will
be a big issue when I first start, let me know what you think I should
do! Thanks

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