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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000637.txt from 1999/01

From: "Fredrik" <>
Subj: SV: [kl] Unaccompanied solo works
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 16:25:05 -0500

Two great solo works by scandinavian composers was mentioned (Benzon, =
danish and Koch Swedish).
As a Norwegian I want to add the Sonatina by Finn Mortensen to the list. =
This piece is very effective and deserve to be performed mutch more. The =
piece has two movements one slow and a very virituoso (and difficult) =
second movement. The first movement can be played alone (is a solo =
piece:-) it lasts about five minutes and the whole sonatina about six. =
Even in Norway this piece is seldom performed even if it is really good =
music in a modrate dodecaphonic style. Try it and you'll love it.

Fredrik Gulbrandsrod
-----Opprinnelig melding-----
Fra: Jack Kissinger <kissingerjn@-----.EDU>
Dato: 14. januar 1999 03:46
Emne: Re: [kl] Unaccompanied solo works

>Noah A. Smith wrote:
>> Hello, I am a clarinetist and college student. Because I'm not a
>> music major, I have essentially no opportunity to play with an =
>> What I'm looking for is music that is written for unaccompanied =
>> Can anyone recommend anything, in particular, any works from before =
>> 20th century? (I worked on Stravinksy's Three Pieces and found them
>> appropriately challenging but in all honestly and in my humble =
opinion they
>> weren't terribly enjoyable pieces
>> of music!) I've recently studied Willson Osborne's Rhapsody. Does
>> anyone know of any quality recordings of this work? Any advice or
>> suggestions will be appreciated!
>To which, Michael Norsworthy replied:
>> L. Berio - Lied; Sequenza IX
>> Stravinsky - 3 pieces
>> Suttermeister - Capriccio
>> E. Carter - GRA
>> D. Martino - A Set
>> Rozsa - Theme and Variations
>> W. O. Smith - Five Piece; Variants
>> Sari - Five Pieces
>> This should get you started. This is a pretty standard list and all
>> these pieces are easy to get. Also, check the sneezy database....
>> Mark's got quite a list compiled for all of us already. Good luck.
>I am not familiar with the Rozsa or Sari works mentioned on Michael's =
>I expect, however, that he is actually thinking about the Rozsa =
"Sonatina" as
>its first movement is entitled "Theme and Variations" and it could =
>stand alone. The Sari that I am familiar with is "Stati" (subtitled =
>Tempi per Clarinetto Solo"). Is this what you had in mind, Michael, =
or do
>you know of a second piece by Sari? If the latter, I would be grateful =
>the publisher and dates.)
>More to the point, none of these works is pre-20th century and many =
(most) of
>them probably won't appeal to someone who didn't particularly enjoy the
>Stravinsky. Also, some of them are fiendishly difficult. Based on
>"accessibility" and difficulty, I would probably eliminate Berio, =
>Martino and Smith. Since you apparently like the Osborne, I suspect =
>would enjoy the Sutermeister and the Rosza (particularly the first =
(Theme and
>Variations) movement of the Sonatina). The Sari is a tossup. I just =
got it
>and I've never heard it or really tried to read through it. It looks
>playable but sometimes looks are deceiving. Perhaps someone else on =
the list
>can comment.
>As far as other 20th century works that you might enjoy, I would =
>Jorgen Bentzon's "Thema med Variationer" and von Koch's "Monolog 3" =
(don't be
>put off by the title of the second piece, it actually is very lyrical =
>tonal). In particular, I think the Bentzon is fun to play and only of =
>technical difficulty -- a good college recital piece. I don't know why =
>one has recorded it.
>As far as pre-20th century music is concerned, I'm afraid that, aside =
>Bach transcriptions, there isn't alot to choose from. Donizetti wrote =
>"Study" which is sometimes performed (e.g., it is on the Leister =
recording I
>mentiion). David Blumberg's midi site on Sneezy has a "Solfegietto" by
>C.P.E. Bach that you can download and print out if you have access to a =
>notation program. For other transcriptions, you could do alot worse =
>Rubank's "Classical Studies," a large collection of transcriptions =
>from Bach's solo music for violin and cello but with a few other pieces =
>some Handel thrown in. I think there is alot of useable material in =
>book (which has been around for ages -- I bought mine in high school =
for $2)
>and the price is still (at Luyben's) miraculously only $7 -- IMHO a
>remarkable bargain.
>As far as recordings go, I can think of four recent ones for solo =
>(there may be others), by Eduard Brunner, Jonathan Cohler, Paul Meyer =
>Karl Leister. Given the way you feel about the Stravinsky, I think you =
>rule out the Brunner and the Meyer, immediately. Neither has the =
Osborne and
>Stravinsky is about as "accessible" as either of them gets. The Cohler =
>Leister, on the other hand, both have points to recommend them. Both =
>recordings of the Osborne and the performances are both IMO good, =
>quite different. The Leister is far more relaxed -- less dramatic =
changes in
>dynamics and tempi. He takes about 45 seconds (almost 20%) longer. So =
>I prefer the Cohler. Others may disagree. Both recordings also =
>performances of the von Koch "Monolog 3" I mentioned above. The =
Leister also
>has the Sutermeister "Capriccio." You really should hear this piece
>(apologies to Tony ;^) ).
>There is one other recording of the Osborne currently available by =
>Pope. I have not heard it but, overall, the recording has received =
>reviews. If it's a consideration, Leister gives you almost 75 minutes,
>Cohler a bit over 53minutes and Pope less than 45 minutes ;^( on their
>respective full-priced CD's.
>Best regards,
>Jack Kissinger
>St. Louis
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