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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000602.txt from 1999/01

Subj: Re: [kl] Buffet R-13
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 19:05:26 -0500

Lauren, I bought a new Buffet R-13 from Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center
for about $1700 (list $3350), and had tried 5 R-13's there before picking the
one I liked best. That was after narrowing my search to the R-13, having
tried the E-11, a Yamaha low end professional (can't recall the model), and a
Leblanc used high end professional (can't recall the model). Spent several
hours one Monday evening after work in mid-December. Of course, had I not run
out of energy (and they were trying to close, though I'm sure I could have
continued on the next night!), I probably would have stayed and played every
R-13 they had in the place! OTOH, my situation may have been different - I
embarked on a search to replace my old metal 1-piece that I learned on 40
years ago and had only toodled occasionally since. My original plan was to
get something used, a cut above a student model, and pay $600-$800-$1000. Got
a lot of good advice and suggestions from the list, hope the same holds true
for you.

One of the nice things for me about getting older and more financially stable
is that you can say, "What the heck! What's money for!"

BTW, I love my Buffet R-13, had my first private lesson last night, am buying
a new mouthpiece, and switching brands of reeds. I'm having a great time.
Hope you do, too. Have fun trying out instruments - it's almost like being in
a candy store.


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