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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000491.txt from 1999/01

From: "Karl Krelove" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] 6th Grade Clarinet Lesson Books
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 09:21:33 -0500

I'd second the suggestion about Leon Lester's two books. The material is
(mostly) musically excellent and very accessible melodically and technically
for a sixth or seventh grader. I've used the Collis series also (not
recently). It's tunes are shorter, and I remember feeling that they were
more trivial and less interesting than the ones Lester used. I do use the
Collis Scales and Arpeggios book, which is part of the series but contains
exclusively what its title implies. It would be useful for your sixth grader
and continue to be useful as he advances, but it is dry and exclusively
technical - not to be used by itself.

Karl Krelove

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Subject: Re: [kl] 6th Grade Clarinet Lesson Books

>In a message dated 1/11/99 5:40:42 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> writes:
><< I have a sixth grade clarinet student who has done fairly well in the
> setting. I would like to challenge him more with some lesson material
> would be appropriate for an advancing young clarinet player. So far, he
> and the rest of the group have been working out of the Yamaha Band
> He is currently in book two. Our there any good clarinet books for kids
> of this age rather than "band" lesson books? >>
>I really, really like Leon Lester's two books, "The Progressing
>and "The Advancing Clarinetist." They're not method books so much as
>progressing etudes in a variety of fun styles starting at a second year
>They both move at about the same level, except that the progressing one has
>titles over the songs and each is about a half a page long, and the
>one has numbers instead of titles, and each is a full page long.

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