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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000401.txt from 1999/01

From: "Mary Sotnik" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] mary's health concerns
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 20:54:21 -0500

Jane wrote:

>Tooth abscesses requiring root canals or extractions
>are usually caused by bacteria and/or trauma. The HIV =

>has been isolated many times and has no relationship to
>a root canal needing retreatment. (Unless the patient is
>immunocompromised by the HIV increasing their risk for
>any type of infection.) Your thoughts on dentistry
>are not supported by current dental research. Periodontal disease and
>Dental caries (decay), calculus/plaque are also produced by identifiable
>bacteria. Occasionally root canal teeth become reinfected by =

>bacteria and need retreatment. Perhaps you should go to the dentist for
>preventive care to avoid your concerns.

Thanks for your info. I'm sorry if I appeared to suggest (though I wasn't
suggesting) that the HIV virus is linked to dental work, or that periodontal
disease, dental caries, calculus and plaque are caused by the HIV virus, or
that they are not caused by bacteria. I didn't have an abscess at the time I
had the root canal, just a decayed tooth. I'm interested to hear that tooth
abscesses can be caused by trauma.

I do fully accept that my root canal may not be the 'cause' of my symptoms
(rather I think that my body is not or was not able to keep the root canal
infection down, for whatever reason), and I do think that if my tooth had
been correctly treated it may not have caused trouble, and that root canals
need not *necessarily* cause trouble (though mine has, and *appears* still
to be doing so).

I wasn't given any advice on the possibility of root canal infection at the
time it was done, AFAIR, though this is obviously nobody's fault except that
particular dentist's, or perhaps mine for being uninformed. I was unaware of
some aspects of my general health at the time the root canal was done, and
possibly if I *had* been, or if the dentist had been, things might have been
done differently. I will be visiting another dentist in future, with more
awareness of my general health. I don't wish to suggest that all my dental
problems or health problems have been caused by a dentist as I do quite a
good job at causing some of them myself. I certainly *don't* wish to
criticise dentistry as a profession and have no experience of dentistry in
the USA. Sorry if I've caused you any offence.


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