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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000338.txt from 1999/01

Subj: [kl] Re: Wizard of Oz
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 04:07:34 -0500

Mark A. Bradley pisat:

>The local community music theater organization this year (
> ) is doing the Wizard of Oz (R.S.C.
>Version). I'll be doing reed book I in the pit orchestra, clarinet,
>bass clarinet, and alto sax.
>This will be my first experience playing in a pit orchestra and
>hopefully will be a good one.
>Yesterday was my first time playing the bass clarinet (finally, after
>all these years) and it was awesome. It's an old Leblanc with a couple
>leaky pads but still was fun. I've played the alto sax a little bit in
>the past but nothing major (not to mention that the Bundy II I am using
>is in horrible shape). The musical is in March so hopefully I'll have
>enough time to work on these instruments.
>If anyone has played this show before, any tips or trouble spots I
>should watch out for? I have played through it a little bit and there
>are a few runs in the clarinet part that will take a little work, and
>maybe a little while to get used to the bass, but nothing major. The
>sax will be toughest for me especially the playout music (but no one
>listens to that anyways. ;-) ). I hope I'll do fine and it'll be lots
>of fun I'm sure. Let's hope they don't overestimate me...

I played this show this past summer--sounds like i played the same book
you're playing. You'll want to get the leaks in the bass fixed, 'cause
there are a few places where you come in low, and you'll want the best
response you can get. The number to work on is the Jitterbug. That
number flies by like crazy! It's not terribly difficult, but if your group
takes it as fast as the group i played for, you'll want to have the notes
under your fingers before you go into rehearsals. The hardest stuff from
the run-out music comes from that number so if you get the Jitterbug right,
you won't have to work on the other.

I really like that number. I haven't any idea whether it was cut from the
movie or added afterwards. Pity if it was cut--next to "Rainbow" it's the
best one in the show. (OK, that's not saying a lot, but it's still very
good--and a lot of fun,too!)

Brent Eresman

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