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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000294.txt from 1999/01

Subj: [kl] Re: Plastic - why?
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 19:34:08 -0500

Although I'm no big fan of plastic clarinets, I agree with Dee, Paulette and
others who think people should keep their Bundys. Take it from a flea market
and yard sale veteran: a used Bundy isn't worth squat in dollars and cents,
because used Bundys are so commonplace. The repairman who sometimes takes
used instruments from me on consignment specifically warned me never to bring
him any plastic Bundys for sale, "because I can get them for next to nothing
from the schools." But that cheap re-sale value is exactly why a used Bundy
gives such good value as a "player." IMHO, anybody who hasn't got one (or
another good plastic horn, such as a Vito or Yamaha) ought to run right out
and buy one used, as a sturdy, weather-resistant backup and outdoor horn.

I own some reasonably nice gear, including a 1937 wooden Buffet Bb and a 1979
Selmer "A" series alto clarinet. This summer, I took my own advice and bought
myself a used plastic Bundy Bb, probably about ten years old, including a Hite
Premiere mpc, for $35. It came from a family whose kid quit, but if you still
play, and already own one, why let someone else take such a bargain out of
your pocket? Keep it!

This Bundy isn't in the same league with a professional instrument, of course,
and won't be my first- line clarinet, but it's a lot better than I expected
after reading the usual negative press about the Bundy, mostly from kids who
can't wait to get rid of their grade school instruments. But then I'm a
50-year-old adult, so I don't have to prove I'm mature by buying an "adult"
clarinet. That's some of what's really going on with all the peer pressure to
jettison the Bundy, IMHO: It's a ritual casting off of childhood, a logical
next step, a few years after refusing to wear the pajamas with feet. Maybe
people automatically associate the Bundy with the awful noises beginners make,
too. Okay: If the Bundy seems unbearably babyish right now, just put it away
for a few years, since it isn't worth anything anyway. Then you won't have to
go pay $35 at a yard sale or flea market (or a lot more than that in a store!)
for another one later.

I found out a more legitimate reason why some people don't like the Bundy when
I tried the original Bundy mpc also in the case with my horn. Worst beak I've
ever used! I'm keeping it in my "take bag" that drags around to flea mkts.
and yard sales with me, rather than abuse a good mpc. that way, so the Bundy
mpc., too, will serve a purpose, thanks to its utter expendability. The Bundy
might get more respect if it came with a better beak.


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