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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000158.txt from 1999/01

From: Anne Bell <>
Subj: [kl] Request for help- with reward!
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 09:21:45 -0500

I just got home from the holidays and this e-mail was waiting for me- Tom
Ridenour is not on the list but sends this call for help. You can contact
him directly or via the list and I'll let him know.
Hope everyone has a great year!

Reward for Information

Dear Clarinet List members,
I am in urgent need for your help.
As many of you know I worked for Leblanc Corp for almost 9 years. During that
time I attended many conventions .
At the end of my tenure at Leblanc there were three instruments which remained
on my convention consignment, unaccounted for to this day despite my best
efforts to track them down.
I am sure these instruments were sold and the paper work just didn't get
through the system for whatever reasons. But if I can't prove that.
Consequently, Leblanc Corp. now insists that I must pay for them; something
that would put a heavy burden upon my family, especially my children.
These instruments are as follows:
1189 Concerto clarinet in "A", serial # 65008. This clarinet ended up missing
from the Mid-West Convention in Chicago in 1993. I feel sure a dealer
purchased it, but there are no records.
1189 Concerto Bb clarinet, serial #69486: This clarinet was displayed at the
Arizona convention in 1995, was either sold on the stand or shipped back to
Leblanc, but there is no record of it. I did not pack the consignment, the
Leblanc sales rep for that area did. He said everything was accounted for.
1190AS, Opus clarinet in A, Serial no. 64873: This instrument was displayed
at the Oklahoma convention in June of 1992. The consignment return form made
out by the Leblanc District manager indicated the clarinet was sold, but since
there is no paper trail beyond that Leblanc still insists upon holding me

Anyone who can give me information about the whereabouts of any one of these
clarinets I will give a reward of $350.00 of free products or services from
Ridenour Clarinet Products, this will included clarinet repair, mouthpieces
and/or reed products. I want to emphasize that no one is going to reclaim
these instruments. I simply need to account for them to help avoid Leblanc
Corps. insistence that I must now pay for them directly from my pocket.

I thank the clarinet community ahead of time for their help and for the
opportunity and honor of being able to serve and be of assistance to the
community in the past.
Best regards for a happy new year!
tom Ridenour
VM: 1-972-975-3804


Anne Bell
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