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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000094.txt from 1999/01

From: david rothbaum <>
Subj: [kl] 2nd try (jimmy guiffre etc.)
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 06:48:05 -0500

im not sure if asking a question twice on this list is taboo.....if it is,
my apologies.

if anyone on the list has heard jimmy guiffre's recording free fall id love
to hear some opinions on it. as well as the recordings of players like ben
goldberg, john carter, anthony braxton, david krakauer, joe maneri,
chris speed and others that would vaguely fall into the same category.

some explanation as to why:

ive been subscribed on and off to this list for a year or so and have
gotten a lot of great information from it but the reason im bringing this
particular subject up is that ive found very little discussion of these
players and related subjects throughout the archives. in my opinion the
musicians ive mentioned here are doing some wonderful stuff thus i have a
hard time accepting that there is so little interest or knowledge of them
among all the clarinetists on the list. perhaps its again a taboo to ask
so vague a question as "opinions", but i have seen many on the well known
classical musicians.

the jazz clarinet vocabulary has come a long way, there are the players
that ive mentioned here and im sure many more whom ive yet to hear that are
trying to push the envelope somewhat, trying new things. in my opinion
there is a lot to discuss here and who better to discuss it with than other
clarinetists. subjects ranging from improvisation, free and idiomatic,
opinions on the different tonal variations, and of particular interest to
me is opinions on these people from classically trained clarinetists,
classical tone Vs. jazz tone, extended techniques like multiphonics,
quarter tones, squeaks, breath sounds etc. technical and or artistic
discussions about any of these things. and of course i want to learn about
players i have not yet heard.

i realize that some of these are not specific questions, the idea is to
get a discussion going on any or all of these subjects. subjects and
opinions related to what i guess you might call the avant garde of jazz

im relatively isolated where i live and don’t have the opportunity to
discuss these things outside of this list (actually i know no clarinetists
personally) and as this "style" of clarinet playing is of interest to me id
love to hear some opinions, those like-minded and opposed.



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