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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000048.txt from 1999/01

From: Jack Kissinger <kissingerjn@-----.EDU>
Subj: Re: [kl] bassoon+Clarinet gig.
Date: Sat, 2 Jan 1999 22:02:45 -0500


The following URL is for the music catalog on Luyben Music's home page.

You may find other works on the Sneezy composition database.

When you get to the Luyben page, select "Instrumental Solos and Ensembles,"
then "Clarinet", then "Clarinet and Winds", then "Clarinet and Bassoon" for a
listing of the music they have available. I would suspect that, from this
list, something by C.P.E. Bach, Gebauer, Goepfart (I think it's actually
Goepfert), Gra(u?)pner, Tausch or Vanhal might be appropriate. (The Graupner
is probably his trio for Bassoon, Chalumeau and Harpsichord.) If they are
who I think they are, all are "early" to "classical" composers (whose music
often tends to sound like church music whether it is or not).

The Glinka "Trio Pathetique" is one of the few pieces originally written for
clarinet, bassoon and piano. I believe it is considered at least a minor
masterpiece of chamber music. I haven't listened to it in quite awhile so I
don't remember how "sacred" it sounds or what its level of difficulty is but
there are several recordings so you could listen to get an idea. It runs
about 15 minutes. The Beethoven trio, Op. 38 (based on his septet), is also
available in a version for clarinet, bassoon and piano. (It doesn't sound
particularly sacred to me, though.) Again, there are recordings available,
at least of the cello version if you want to give it a listen. It runs
around 40 minutes. According to the Schwann catalog, there is also a
recording of the Graupner currently available.

The Beethoven duos (that others have mentioned) are also a possibility and
have been recorded (but I believe that most musicologists now doubt that
Beethoven was actually the composer). You might also want to listen to a
recording of the Mendelssohn Concert Pieces (Konzertstucke).

You didn't say how long you were supposed to play. (Sometimes, in my
experience, a major consideration, if not THE major consideration in such
performances.) If you don't know this yet, you might want to find out as it
could have a big impact on your selection.

Best of luck and best regards,
Jack Kissinger
St. Louis

Kate Alexander wrote:

> Hi all; Happy New Year!
> I usually lurk only posting inane comments but this time I need your
> help.
> I have been asked to play a duet with a very accomplished orchestral
> Bassoonist for the opening ceremony of a VERY SPECIAL IMPORTANT centre
> with extra special international type people in July and I don't know
> what to play....
> The instructions were "classical" and "Sacred" .
> This performance is a huge break for me and a great honour so I'm
> looking for some Klarinet list magic here .
> Thanks in advance.
> (oh there will be piano if needed as well!)

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