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Klarinet Archive - Posting 001778.txt from 1998/04

From: Mark Charette <>
Subj: [kl] Re: Rose Etudes
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 19:07:17 -0400

To amplify on Laroy's earlier posting:

C. Rose 40 Etudes
ALM Records ALCD 7043 and 7044
Distributed by Kojima Recordings, Inc.
3-46-16-501, Yoyogi
Tokyo 151, Japan
Tel: 03-3375-5811 Fax: 03-3375-5036

I don't have the insert (if there was one). I was mistaken on the
clarinet used, however - it was a Yamaha YCL-853 SE, not an SX, for
this recording. The cover says that the music came from Carl Fisher,
but does not say anything about where the piano accompaniment came
from (it mentions it is with accompaniment, and has the usual warnings
about duplication, etc., in Japanese on the bottom).
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