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Klarinet Archive - Posting 001694.txt from 1998/04

From: James Fay <>
Subj: [kl] Klarinet FAQ 3.3
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 18:06:16 -0400

What's New here.....the last item, about e-mail clients
The Klarinet FAQ
James Fay,
v3.3 April 29, 1998

This document describes the Klarinet mailing list, available on the
Internet. It is intended for those people who are interested in con-
necting to the Klarinet list and in sharing information there.

1. What is Klarinet??

Klarinet is an unmoderated discussion group for clarinet players,
teachers, and enthusiasts. All interested persons are invited to
subscribe, and all aspects of clarinettistry are discussed. This is an
excellent forum to ask questions, share information, or just listen.

2. How Much does Klarinet cost?

Klarinet is free, there is no charge to subscribe.

3. How do I sign up for Klarinet?

Send a blank e-mail message to:
You don't have to say anything in the subject area or message area.

To sign up for Klarinet in digest form, send a blank e-mail to:

Note that you can be signed up for both, and that you have to
subscribe/unsubscribe to klarinet and klarinet-digest separately.

4. How do I send mail to Klarinet?

Send mail for Klarinet to:

5. Who runs this thing?

The list owners are Jim Fay and Cap Bromley of Northern Virginia
Community College, Annandale, Virginia. Jim is a Professor of Music
and a clarinettist. Cap is a music school graduate (organist and MIDI)
and a Systems Engineer. This list was started by them in August, 1992.

The third and newest list owner, system and server administrator is
Mark Charette, who runs the clarinet info pages at:

They all can be contacted at:

6. Is this part of the Clarinet Magazine?

This list is totally independent of the Clarinet Magazine and of the
International Clarinet Association or any other organization. It was
developed solely to serve anyone interested in the clarinet. The
International Clarinet Association does have a presence on Klarinet,
with a liason.

7. OK, I'm subscribed, what do I do now?

Anything you want! It would be good to send a note to Klarinet
introducing yourself to the list and perhaps saying what particularly
interests you about the clarinet. Don't be surprised (and don't take
it personally) if you don't get a response at first. Mabye just send a
message again in a couple of days.

8. Why Klarinet and Not Clarinet, can't you spell?

There already was Clarinet on the Internet, a subscription-based
financial news network. Since Jim Fay was working on his Brahms
dissertation at the time, we had this brilliant idea..............!

9. Who do I complain to?

First, please be aware that it takes a fair amount of system
administration to keep Klarinet running. Sometimes (rarely)
things break down. Please be patient. Try again in
a day or so. If then nothing is happening, contact the list owners.
You can also check the status of Klarinet on:

10. I just got dropped from Klarinet, do I use the wrong reed or

The list-owners deal with many error messages daily from Klarinet.
This is why you don't hear much from us. In the majority of
cases, these are caused by people letting their mailboxes get full to
the point that further messages are rejected.

The new software is set so that if klarinet mail can't reach your server,
it drops you from the list after trying for 12 days. Please don't take
it personally, remember a computer did it! Just resubscribe in a day or

11. Is there a Web page for Klarinet?

This FAQ will be kept on

The clarinet info web site at,
can let you subscribe/unsubscribe to klarinet, as well as search the
klarinet archives.

12. What do you talk about on this thing?

All aspects of clarinet history, construction, playing, and teaching
are discussed. Very often it seems that subjects go through cycles,
where people share questions and information.

The only restrictions that are really important are:
-No excessive or unnecessary profanity.
-No personal attacks on subscribers (i.e., flames).

13. How do I signoff Klarinet.

Send mail to:

Please do not send un/subscribe requests to

14. We have been spammed with get rich schemes, etc., what can we do?

The new software that klarinet runs on (ezmlm and qmail) is the best
that can currently be found to avoid spamming and hacking, nontheless
some may sneak in.

While we try to hunt down these culprits, they often are using
bogus e-mail addresses. Its probably best to not even waste bandwidth
flaming about them, although that may be a hard pill to swallow,
but we do do the best we can to minimize it.

15. I used to be able to get a list of klarinet subscribers on the old
list. What happened?

The only way to get this is to ask one of the list owners. Lists like
this are bought, sold, and used by spammers. This is a security
precaution and protects your e-mail address.

16. I didn't have problems sending mail to the old list, what gives now?

From: Mark Charette

As more and more people get around to posting to the list,
we are finding that the address that was used to originally
subscribe to the list is sometimes not the same as the
current address. For example, someone may have the address
foo@-----. When they send a message out, it goes to a
central mail server that might be called . The
From: address then sometimes gets re-written as

Now, mail to either will
be delivered to the same person, foo, and foo won't
notice any problem - until they try to post. Then, if the
person had subscribed as, but the mail list sees
that the mail comes from, it gets rejected
and sent back. The name and mail address have to match
_exactly_ to get a posting into Klarinet.

If your posting gets rejected, the first thing that you
might want to do is check out what your "Reply-To" address
is set at. In Netscape 3 and 4, set your Reply-To address
in the "Mail" section of your preferences to the e-mail
address. In Eudora it's pretty much the same thing. There
should be similar settings in most other mailers.

If you don't understand the above - not to worry. We're
always here to give you a hand if you're stuck.
Just drop us a line at

For additional commands, e-mail:
For other problems, e-mail:

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