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Klarinet Archive - Posting 001658.txt from 1998/04

From: "Jason Hsien" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Band/orchestra budgets
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 22:45:37 -0400

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From: James D. Lytthans <>

|My music department budget in 1965 (the year I began teaching) was about
|$1200. Reeds were 5-10 cents each, a Bundy was about $110. an average
|4-5 minute band arrangement was $8-10 max. Now my annual budget is
|$850, with reeds $1.25 each, Bundy's $300+, and that 4-5 minute
|arrangement $40-60!! I really haven't bought a new arrangement in years.
|Finale allows me to knock off a quick (and better) arrangement in short
|order, custon tailored to my current group's instrumentation, and
|featuring pieces I (and the kidlets) like to do. I purchased Musicscan
|(?) not too long ago, and find that allows me to scan in a piano score,
|make an arrangement in no time, and print out the parts, plus produce
|practice tapes/floopies in MIDI format, too. All this w/o breaking any
|copyright laws (I hope). It's a wonder music publishers are still in

No, you aren't breaking any laws because you are an educational
organization, and I _believe_ that you have much more freedom when it comes
to these kinds of things.

Although I don't wish to have you change your policies if they're working
for you, but, in my school district, reeds and instrument are part of your
participation in the system. No instrument, no joining. Now, doubling on
other instruments is directors peroggative, and school provides, but you
must have a standby instrument of your own in case you don't get put on the
instrument of your choice that you need to borrow.

Also, reeds are considered student responsibility. No reeds in band is equal
to no pencil/pen in other classes and you can get detention or consequences
for non-preparedness for class and non-participation. This usually
encourages kids to go out and buy their OWN reeds, and not always fall back
on the band and the band budget.

Also, sometimes, I've heard, instrument makers offer "Educator discounts"
that they can pass on to the dealer or maybe direct. I have no basis to
confirm this, but I have heard this.

Best of luck on your budget (Didn't your school ever hear of a wonderful
little thing called INFLATION? $1200 in 1965 is almost like $2000 today!)

jason hsien
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