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Klarinet Archive - Posting 001582.txt from 1998/04

From: "Emerald1" <>
Subj: [kl] The Power of Wood (was Wood vs. Plastic vs. Metal)
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 22:26:37 -0400

>> 2. Every material in this world resonates at a slightly different
>> Wood is denser than plastic, and therefore resonates more slowly. Slower
>> frequency of resonation causes what is described as a "darker" sound.
>> resonates fastest of all.
>This is very invented science. It is difficult enough to even understand
>what a dark sound is, much less to conclude, as you have done, on
>what is the main influence on it. And presuming that there is such
>a thing (about which I have my doubts, but that doesn't matter here),
>what I do to influence that darkness or brightness is, to a great
>extent independent of the instrument itself but lies in mouthpiece,
>reed, ligature, teeth, chest, and body considerations.
What is "invented science"; it has been proven that each material
resonates differently. As for a "darker" sound; it cannot (as has been said
many times before) be described adequately with words. As I said, it has
been DESCRIBED as darker; this is the more popular opinion towards the
nature of the tone not a scientific description.
I must ask, what do teeth have to do with it? One of my front teeth is
turned 45 degrees to the side; and it has no asverse affect on my playing.
Maybe I understood you wrong.
I would love to quote the study relating to bore patterns, but it was
done several years ago; and I no longer know by who or where it is to be
found... (I want to say "Scientific American"!!!???)
I think quality has much to do with the difference; but I have done, and
seen other people do, that Selmer Cl 200/300 test; and the Cl 200 has won
everytime. Maybe it's the densitys of different materials, the weight or
whatever that affects sound. Or maybe it's something deeply spiritual that
we can't quite comprehend. Maybe somehow, subconciously, there's a link
betweeen that poor dead tree in our nimble hands, and our hearts or our
souls. But, whatever it is, some power makes my 35-year old grennadilla
wood clarinet speak better than any thing else in the world. You can argue
all you want; I'm out of this one now...I've said my piece.
Bonsoir Mes Amis,

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