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Klarinet Archive - Posting 001511.txt from 1998/04

From: Dick Damon <>
Subj: Re: [klarinet] Selmer Clarinet Question
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 06:10:46 -0400

Bill Hausmann wrote:

> >
> I'm not sure where the measurement is taken (top of lower joint?). I
> thought the Balanced Tone was .590. The current Selmer 1400 is that size,
> but the more popular Selmer 1401 is .577, as is the Selmer 100 (Signet).
> Other Selmer student and pro instruments run smaller, in the .563 to .567
> range, I think. Leblanc Opus, Concerto, and Infinite are .575, the Sonata
> .577, but the Pete Fountain model is .590. Noblets and Normandys are .584.
> Amatis are .574. Yamahas run .579 for student and intermediate, .577 for
> pro. In general, .590 is at the upper end of the scale, and at least Pete
> Fountain finds that size suitable for jazz. Hope this helps.

That info is good to know, Bill. So I went back and measured again and
realized I had read the vernier caliper wrong. The Balanced Tone
measures 0.588". I have an Mxxxx and an Nxxxx Selmer and they also
measure 0.588". It could very well be that I am feeling the caliper a
couple of thousandths light, or that they all started out at 0.590. If I
had access to a lathe I would make some plug gauges to make more
accurate measurements.
Dick Damon

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