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Klarinet Archive - Posting 001264.txt from 1998/04

From: Roger Garrett <>
Subj: Re: budget cutbacks
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 20:31:16 -0400

On Wed, 22 Apr 1998, Jason Hsien wrote:
> A lot of people are going to kill me for this but I side with the school
> decision to support more for the athletic department. After all, the
> athletic department obviously is able to earn lots of money for the school.
> On average, the public is more likely to support high school sports (we even
> have 2-3 local television stations, one of them an NBC station, that shows
> high school sports games, another unaffiliated one with one-hour broadcasts
> of all sports, and then a local community channel) than high school music,
> and therefore schools earn more money from sports, so they can spend more on
> sports.

No one would ever fault you for holding such an agrees with
most of corporate America! But, on the other hand, I probably would not
want you teaching my children music either!

> Also, on uniforms, you are being absolutely unfair. One good wool-made band
> uniform can cost on the upwards of US$300-500. A football players' uniform,
> as long as the athlete opts not to pay for it him or herself to get
> personalized, can cost, maximum, $75-100, including all that thick padding.
> Normally, football uniforms are nothing more than nylon, polyester, and
> spandex. Band uniforms are much more complex, with custom embroidering, an
> interior lining, etc...

Mouhpiece guard = $5
Helmet = $35
Pants = $18
Jersy (custom) = 30
set of pads = $45
Shoes = $95-160
Socks = $18 (for pkg of three)

Total = $249-254

Band uniforms range from $100-475 each with most falling somewhere exactly
halfway between (depending on the bid and the number being
well as the style, accessories, etc.).

> But, I do agree that you should look into whether or not your school really
> is paying a lot more for sports. It's more likely that they are spending the
> same, it's just athletic boosters earn more.

A big issue to consider might be - is more school money (budgeted through
the athletic dept./school board approved) for the football team than any
other classes? Probably. Band is not the only one discriminated against.
But, most band programs have a much higher budgetary need than other
classes - that is, disposable budget - new music every year is
particularly expensive. When one Manhattan Beach, 4 minute composition
costs $135, or new Symphonies for band by major wind composers cost
upwards of $300 each (Symphony #3 by Barnes is $375 and Lord of the Rings,
Symphony No. 1 by de Meij is $450!), it is no wonder that band budgets
remain difficult to fund.

There are reasons beyond just professional sports why music budgets are
cut....most of them do not convince the public they are worthwhile. What
does it take? For the emphasis where the students and
parents (and community) demand a band program.

Roger Garrett

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