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Klarinet Archive - Posting 001209.txt from 1998/04

From: James Fay <>
Subj: Klarinet List Soon to Move
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 22:18:26 -0400

Greetings to all,

Because of recent problems and also because of an organizational restructuring of the Virginia Community College System (whose computer we run the list from) which is going to make it very difficult for Ken Ballard (klarinet sys admin) to maintain the box, we will soon be moving the list.

Mark Charette, of the clarinet web site fame, has graciously consented to the use of his machines to host Klarinet. This is no small comittment on his part, a lot goes into keeping the list alive from a sys admin's part.

Cap Bromley and I will remain as list owners (this means we get all your error messages when your mailbox is full!). During our 7 year stint with klarinet, we have recieved close to a million error messages each! (picture that on your PC!).

With Mark, we will be able to use probably the best large list software for the task, have much better access to the "list box", and no more layers of school administration to frustrate our maintenance. I look forward to this.

Please know that the unsung hero of Klarinet these last few years has been Ken Ballard, of Tidewater Community College in Norfolk, VA. His work and willingness to keep Klarinet alive on a machine hundreds of miles away in Richmond has been well beyond the call of duty. I've never even met the guy (I saw his picture in a State Newsletter once!), but I think we should all hoist one to him...thanks Ken.

Mark, whom many of us use his web site, has a daunting task ahead, and is adding this in addition to his outstanding work with, so a second hoist goes to him.

Know that Mark and myself, and hopefully Stan Geidel, will be at the ICA ClarFest. While we are not doing a formal presentation, our presence will be apparent, with brochures about our on-line resources, informal get-togethers, and hopefully some "toys" for all of us to play with. Also ideas for the 21st century.

As soon as things are ready, we will announce a date for the switchover. No one will have to re-subscribe, but where to send postings will change. Also stay tuned at, as well as this list. A new FAQ will be issued as well then.

Best wishes and perfect reeds.

Jim Fay

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