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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000927.txt from 1998/04

From: dap@-----. Paprocki)
Subj: Re: National Symphony 2nd Clarinet Job
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 19:18:51 -0400

What professional orchestra experience does your student have?
This is the main thing that the audition committee is looking at. Since
this position is also an Eb job has your student done some professional
subbing on Eb? Your student could take his chances and just show up and
demand (politely ask) to be heard. Most orchestras will allow this - but
you do take your chances of not being heard after putting out $600-700 for
audition costs (flight, hotel, etc). If they have subbed with some
orchestras have them ask that personal manager to put in a call to the
national orchestra pers. Mgr. There is a per. Mgr. network and most know
each other.
For the last Cleveland Sym audition they only heard 45 clarinets
for TWO positions. People with many years experience were turned down.
Also there was no screen in the first round - very rare. AND the AFM is
powerless to dictate rules to orchestra regarding auditions. Orchestras
are hard to figure: I was invited to Pitt, Cinn, Houston, Boston, Philly,
but not to Syracuse, Grand Rapids. Good luck.


Daniel A. Paprocki

Instructor of Clarinet & Music, Malone College
Adjunct Professor of Clarinet, Kent State University - Stark Campus

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