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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000871.txt from 1998/04

From: James Rosen <>
Subj: charlie neidich, circular breathing and Weber 2
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 17:52:45 -0400

In response to the question regarding a good recording of Weber 2, I just
purchased Neidich's (what a coincidence). No circular breathing here, so
you're OK. Also on this CD is, of course Weber 1 and the Concertino. More
surprisingly, though, is the inclusion of Rossini's Theme and Variations. I
had never heard this piece before, and was intrigued. I love his playing of
it, but it sounds impossible. Has anyone had any experience with this
piece? Is it as hard as it sounds?

On circular breathing and Neidich, though:
I just had a master class with Charlie (he lives a couple hours away -
Boston generally). Although I didn't get to play (it was all UMass Grad
students), I did get to hear him and his critiques. Unlike others, who
often say things such as "louder here," or, "raise your chin up - too much
weight on your wrist," or, "the expression is good for these three bars, but
. . ." he dove into the history of a piece. He analyzed Mozart's thinking
in k.622, allowing a new perspective on some measures. For twenty straight
minutes he worked on the first eight bars of the Mozart. He was quite
learned on the reasoning of the piece.

However, he played very little. Other than some short licks to show "how
it's done," all he did was show off his circular breathing. Here it was not
a tool, just a trick; however, I'm sure he can use it as a tool, and
expected the grad students to be able to do the same should they need to.


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