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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000816.txt from 1998/04

From: Agrenci <>
Subj: Re: Re: wind instruments and circus tricks
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 02:05:04 -0400

In a message dated 4/15/98 10:42:55 PM, Robert Howe wrote:

>TO answer his query, Berlioz writing circa 1850 describes an Asian
>shawmist at a Pris exhibition, circular breathing an A, "until we all
>had our fill of that note" or something to that effedct. This implies
>that the technique was not part of the Western bag-of-tricks. See
>Joseph Marx's book of essays (The Writings of Josef Marx, pub. 1980ish
>by McGinnis and Marx) for a fuller description and exact quote.

Thanks for this interesting info, which seems to indicate a relatively recent
introduction of circular breathing into Western music performance.

Andy Grenci

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