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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000800.txt from 1998/04

From: Larry Paikin <>
Subj: Al Gallodoro - The Man - The Music - The Legend
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 21:20:27 -0400

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here's his website

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<TITLE>Al Gallodoro - The Man - The Music - The Legend</TITLE>
<META NAME="KeyWords" CONTENT="saxophone, clarinet, sax,al gallodoro, musician, orchestra, big bands, bands, symphony, virtuoso">
<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Al Gallodoro - Saxophone, Clarinet & Bass Clarinet - Virtuoso">

<CENTER><P><B><FONT COLOR="#800040"><FONT SIZE=+4>Al Gallodoro<BR>
</FONT></FONT><FONT COLOR="#000000"><FONT SIZE=+1>Sax, Clarinet &amp; Bass
Clarinet - Virtuoso</FONT></FONT></B></P></CENTER>

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<A HREF@-----.html">ORDER</A>
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<CENTER><P><B><FONT COLOR="#000000"><FONT SIZE=+1>The Many Sides of<BR>
</FONT><I><FONT SIZE=+2>Alfred<BR>

<P><B><FONT COLOR="#000000">In the summer of 1998, 4-Tay will release the
first of a multi-disc series from the archives of the legendary woodwind
virtuoso, Al Gallodoro. This collection will feature recordings previously
released during Mr. Gallodoro's illustrious 70-plus years professional
career, as well as never before issued. These will be combined with live
concert performances featuring &quot;The Triple Threat&quot; (as he is
known) on Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Alto Sax.</FONT></B></P>

<P><B><FONT COLOR="#000000">To fully appreciate Al's talent and duly acclaimed
&quot;legendary&quot; status, one must hear him in context; that is, within
the musical settings laid before him. While many can excel in one or another
genre, only a select few can not only survive, but thrive and then define
their craft.</FONT></B></P>

<P><B><FONT COLOR="#000000">Alfred Gallodoro has been lauded by the likes
of Jimmy Dorsey, Jimmy Abato, Buddy DeFranco, and the world Saxophone Congress.
He has performed under such conductors as Paul Whiteman, Arturo Toscanini,
Leopold Stokowski, Leonard Bernstein, Andre Kostelanetz, and Percy Faith
among others. Composers such as Carmine Coppola, Ferde Grofe, and Ralph
Herman have written works for him. But Al would be the first one to tell
you that it really isn't a big deal; he was just raised to be an all-around

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<CENTER><P><IMG SRC@-----.jpg" HEIGHT=277 WIDTH=224></P></CENTER>

<CENTER><P><B><FONT COLOR="#C0C0C0"><FONT SIZE=+2>The Many Sides<BR>
of Al Gallodoro</FONT></FONT></B></P></CENTER>

<CENTER><P><B><I><FONT COLOR="#C0C0C0"><FONT SIZE=+1>Volume One</FONT></FONT></I></B></P></CENTER>

<P><FONT COLOR="#C0C0C0"><FONT SIZE=+1><B>Concerto for Doubles<BR>
</B>Ralph Herman</FONT></FONT></P>

<P><FONT COLOR="#C0C0C0"><FONT SIZE=+1><B>Oodles of Noodles<BR>
</B>Jimmy Dorsey</FONT></FONT></P>

<P><FONT COLOR="#C0C0C0"><FONT SIZE=+1><B>Fantasy Impromptu <BR>
</B>Frederic Chopin</FONT></FONT></P>

<P><FONT COLOR="#C0C0C0"><FONT SIZE=+1><B>Clarinet Quintet<BR>
</B>Johannes Brahms</FONT></FONT></P>

<P><FONT COLOR="#C0C0C0"><B><FONT SIZE=+1>Caprice </FONT></B>(in the form
of a waltz)<BR>
<FONT SIZE=+1>Paul Bonneau</FONT></FONT></P>

<CENTER><P><B><FONT SIZE=+1><FONT COLOR="#000000">Want to be placed on </FONT>
<A HREF@-----.html">Al's Mailing List?</A></FONT></B></P></CENTER>

Rooster Records</A></FONT></FONT></B></P></CENTER>

<CENTER><P><B><FONT COLOR="#000000">Watch for AL'S full site soon!</FONT></B></P></CENTER>



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