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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000784.txt from 1998/04

From: Jennifer Rose McKenna <>
Subj: Re: Illinois Music Teachers
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 18:43:08 -0400

Same here also. I am wondering if this is the case at other schools?
We are taking only 4 semesters of theory, 5 if you don't qualify for Theory 1.
Our repair class is an elective. I wonder why? I remember my band director in highschool would not try and fix instruments,
probably becuase of the high risk of damage, but I believe you should be REQUIRED to take repair classes.
Also, oboeist take reed classes, and I have studio class, but no reed class, why is that? is it the same at other schools,
I have a constant battle with reeds and have never really been shown how to balance reeds.

Jennifer McKenna
university of north texas
music ed major/clarinet concentration

On Wed, 15 Apr 1998 16:43:07 -0600 SEAN TALBOT
<> wrote:
> >the qualification for teaching will be a Master's degree in teaching
> >which follows a bachelor's degree in subject matter to the best of
> >our ability, and limit the education school to whatever they can cram into
> >one year + one summer . . . . .
> At our school we have something like this but it IS the undergrad degree.
> I put it this way because music ed. undergrads come out of here with
> 175-180 credits uner their belt and it does take at least 5 years. It
> all adds up if you take 8 instrament tech. classes, 3 semesters of music
> history, 4 sems. of aural skills (if your lucky), 6 theory classes, 2 sems.
> of Jazz techniques, 4 sems. of piano, marching band tech, class voice, plus
> all of the music methods classes, general education and licensure classes.
> It is complete as they can make it even though we lost our instrament care
> and repair class. Nearly every class I have taken can and will apply to
> my future profession. I know many colleges have lower class loads to
> get people through in four years. They almost have to due to high
> tuition. Why require a master's degree when you can create a complete
> undergrad degree?
> Sean Talbot
> University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

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