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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000511.txt from 1998/04

From: "Shawnea Carter" <>
Subj: Computer Pros/Musicians
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 10:31:41 -0400

This is a very interesting subject and one that I, too have found to be
true. There have been studies that show that the same cognitive skills u=
in CS, Graphic Arts, Programming, Engineering, etc are the same used in
performing music.

I work in the Electronic Publishing business . . . and have found these
technologies to be simple to pick up. I did not discover until recently
that there is a reason for it . . . and all this time I thought I was jus=
real smart <LOL>!

In my work group we have a vocalist, a guitarist, an accomplished cellist
and pianist and myself a clarinetist and vocalist. If we can ever get
through our pressing projects, perhaps we can put together a concert! ;-=

Shaw=F1ea Carter
InfiNet Business Services

A Gannett/Knight-Ridder/Landmark Communications Company
740 Duke Street
Norfolk, VA 23510
(757) 664-2215
(800) 836-3267

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> On April 9, Kevin Bowman wrote:
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> >There are
> >a couple of interesting things I have discovered: 1) a surprisingly la=
> >percentage of engineers are also fine musicians, and 2) the analytical
> >I use for engineering are closely related to the analytical skills I u=
> >teaching students.
> In my experience, you can probably generalize that to include scientist=
s -
> and the "harder" the science (i.e., the more mathematical) the higher t=
> percentage. Many of these are "lurkers" - at least in academics, doing
> one's job requires about 18 hours a day, at least at the start, and the=
> little time for anything else. Moreover, there is a feeling that havin=
> "hobby" interests means you are not sufficiently dedicated to your care=
> and this doesn't help in obtaining tenure, etc. ("Spectator" interests
> as attending concerts are thought to be OK, however.) These feelings
> conspire to produce very long gaps in our musical interests, as well as
> making us less well rounded than we might be.
> I would be interested in comments from the professional music side of t=
> list as to whether the reverse is true - that professional musicians ha=
> strong amateur interest in science, math and engineering. I have a the=
> about it, but let's see the data first.
> George Kidder

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