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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000461.txt from 1998/04

From: "Stephen C. Moore" <>
Subj: RE: Music Minors
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 10:06:31 -0400

I'm currently working on a clarinet performance minor at New Mexico State
University. I'm majoring in computer science, my favorite hobbies (and
only talents) are music and computers. Quite honestly, I feel I'll have
more work opportunities and (ducking for cover) will probably make quite a
bit more money at it. My ideal life would (will) be to do my job during the
day and rehearse 2nd clarinet or bass clarinet with a non-major symphony
orchestra. I may get tired of programming someday and go back to school to
study clarinet more, you never know! Anyway, being a minor has put me at a
tolerable courseload for what I want to do.. It appears like I have about
half the lesson material as majors do. At any one time I'll have a solo, 3
or 4 scale related exercises, a few Klose exercises, and a few pages from a
book I REALLY REALLY hate (Learn to Play the Clarinet, Vol 1 - don't ask!)
I'm not required to take an recital class nor am I required to perform a
recital although I DO play occasionally and will at least do a senior
recital. No jury playing! <yea> First year theory and ear training is
required and then I think I need 3 or 4 upper division courses such as
Theory II / Music Lit / Beginning Conducting I think? I also do marching
band in fall and symphonic winds in the spring. All of this keeps me busy
but its not too much, its also a good setup considering I get to practice on
the average 1-2 hours every other day. It's probably a little different
where you're going, but I hope this gives you the general idea!

Stephen C. Moore /

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Subject: Music Minors

This comment really got me thinking...

Karen Miner wrote:

> In fact, when I auditioned for the music dept. it was for a music minor.

I'm going to be heading into my senior year of high school next year and
soon I
will be off to college. While I don't really want to pursue a major in
music I
would like to keep involved with it and learn more about theory, history,
So I was considering a minor in music. I'm not really sure what's involved
though. I realize that each school differs in its requirements, but could
of the professors on the list give me a general idea of what a music minor
entail -- what type of audition, course work, recitals, etc?

Thanks :)

Sincerely Yours,

Craig Countryman
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