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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000376.txt from 1998/04

From: "Edwin V. Lacy" <>
Subj: Re: lesson motivation
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 12:43:32 -0400

On Tue, 7 Apr 1998 wrote:

> What percentage of music graduates (education, performance, etc.)
> actually end up working full-time in ANY music field? It can't be very
> large.

Almost all of ours do. By my estimate, about 80% of our music graduates
initially enter some area of the music profession, and most of those are
still working in some field of music 5 to 10 years after they graduate.

This is in part due to the "etc." mentioned above. In addition to music
education and performance, we also offer music therapy, music/business,
Suzuki pedagogy, etc. And, within all those degrees, we still include a
strong performance component, while at the same time pointing the
curriculum toward the practical aim of preparing students for jobs.

Ed Lacy
Dr. Edwin Lacy University of Evansville
Professor of Music 1800 Lincoln Avenue
Evansville, IN 47722 (812)479-2754

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