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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000292.txt from 1998/04

Subj: Re: lesson motivation
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 09:50:05 -0400

Oh I fully realize that there are often times that one does not choose
to practice. After a day of 5 hours of rehersal or a huge class
load like yesterday would be one of thoes times. I wasn't saying that
"ed. majors should be completely motivated to improve". I was just
wondering if the Ed. students in question had ever thought of the
concept that one must be a good musician to teach another to be a
good musician. When one puts down the clarinet and gets on the
podium with a baton......they are still performing themselves just
with a different instrament. It is a perspective they need to try on
for size. One motivation I have is that I realize that once I'm in
the field (in just over a year) that I'm not going to get the opportunity
to perform as much and there are times that I'm going to really miss
my clarinet because I will be working thoes 12 hour days with all the
marching band drill writing, sectionals, lessons, rehersals, and about
a thousand administraitive'll make 18 credit semsmters
look like child's play. So I'm going to enjoy my clarinet while I can.

Sean Talbot

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