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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000277.txt from 1998/04

From: "Iguana S" <>
Subj: RE: lesson motivation
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 23:26:33 -0400

I'm not a instructor of clarinet. I am a music ed major, and I think if
I was one of the students you are talking about, I would very much
prefer your honest opinion so that if I really was not cut out to be a
music ed major, I could stop wasting my time and yours. Maybe the ones
who aren't doing well just need someone to tell them so. Then, they can
find something that they will be able to succeed in. Of course, for all
I know, you already have told them.

>> This is to all the teachers and professors on the list. What
>> techniques do
>> you use to motivate your students? How do you objectively judge your
>> students in order to grade them? Do you set some technical
>> requirements
>> (number of scales and speed, number of etudes satisfactory completed,
>> etc)
>> for the basis of grades?
>> I normally don't have to worry about motivation. The student
>> what
>> to play better or learn a piece or solo but I have had some students
>> that
>> don't practice and just show up for a lesson in awful shape. Most of
>> these
>> students are music (ed) majors who (I think) desided on this major
>> because
>> band in high school was "fun" and they didn't have any other
>> interests. I
>> have tried to maintain some objective tasks in the lessons so that
>> there is
>> a basis for a bad grade other than my opinion however expert that may
>> be.
>> What do others do?
>> Dan
>> *********************************************************************
>> Daniel A. Paprocki
>> Instructor of Clarinet & Music, Malone College
>> Adjunct Professor of Clarinet, Kent State University - Stark Campus

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