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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000251.txt from 1998/04

From: Jennifer Rose McKenna <>
Subj: Re: I almost loost it (fwd)
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 23:00:04 -0400

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Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 18:23:35 -0500 (Central Daylight Time)
From: Jennifer Rose McKenna <>
Cc: Klarinet list <>
Subject: Re: I almost loost it

I happen to understand everything that she was asking in her question. I realize that it is not the best grammer, but all
of us get 100's of replies a day, and don't have the time to devote to grammer. I don't know about any of you, but if I was
worried about that I would be an english major and not a music major. Hey if we can understand it leave it alone...I don't
consider any posts to be 'sins'.

Jennifer McKenna
university of north texas
music ed major/clarinet concentration

On Mon, 06 Apr 1998 15:43:38 -0700 Edinger/Gilman <> wrote:
> On Mon., Apr. 6, Badbec15 wrote:
> "Why am I getting everyones replies to the Klarinet list all of a sudden
> this never happened before until I had to sign up for the List again
> after it erased the names does anyone know why this is happening to me.
> I got 100 emails since I was on, on Sunday most of them were replies to
> the Klarinet-list" (sic)
> Did you read the messages? Perhaps they were all copies of the "loosing
> vs. losing" complaint, i.e. that so many posters make apparently no
> effort at all to write grammatically. Yours is a magnificent example of
> that sin. It may seem to be no big deal to those guilty, but to write
> clearly and coherently, so that others can read and understand your
> message, is nothing more complicated or exotic than showing basic
> courtesy and respect for your fellow list members. It would truly be
> appreciated by all if everyone would consider that concept as they
> write.
> Bill Edinger

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