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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000176.txt from 1998/04

Subj: DELURKING JOLT Re: new work for solo clarinet
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 23:38:32 -0500

At 23:01 26/03/98 +0000, you wrote:
>If you can pull in CBC-RADIO 2 (formerly CBC-FM) this Sunday noon, 29
>March, or can get on the CBC website, you can hear
>four wonderful musicians from Hamilton, Ontario,
>soloists,teachers,ensemble players,etc., members of The Chamberworks
>Players who were recorded today at the GLENN GOULD HALL in Toronto.
>Suzanne Shulman,flute
> Valerie Tryon, piano
> Jack Mendelsohn,cello
> Stephen Pierre, clarinet
>performed Saint-Saens' Tarantella Op. 6 P,Fl Cl 6'15"
> Debussy's Sonata Prologue P 5' ,
>serenade&finale P Vc 11'30"
> Elma Miller La nuit s'ouvre solo Cl 6' 43"
> Hummel Minka P Vc Fl 15'40"
>The Miller is a first performance and the only work for solo clari in
>the Cdn Music Centre.
>It's 6 1/2 minutes of joy, challenge and for Steve Pierre, a triumph.
>Elma 's work describes the exraordinary sounds of nightfall and the
>score permits only those with
>immense talent to explore it.
>I was fortunate to hear Steve play it for a small gathering of
>rehearsal friends last Sunday and again today to an sro house.
>Get your tape recorder for the Sunday broadcast. You wont believe your
> In the Toronto-Hamilton area it's 94.1 FM. The CBC site has all the FM
>stations listed.
>Starting time: right after the noon newscast-about 12:06 PM.
>P.S. Elma Miller has an amazing website:

The Canadian Music Centre has one work for unnaccompanied clarinet!? A
search of my unnaccompanied solos satchel reveals [just a minute here] no
fewer than 25 works available through the Canadian Music Centre. I can
think of several more offhand that I havn't counted that I own and perform.
I consider this repertoire tremendously significant. I could wax
eloquently on certain pieces and composers and welcome enquiries. Those
that are curious and would like to go straight to the source can request a
listing of clarinet repertoire directly from CMC. They have a site at ,I believe [I am very new to computers].You
can get at it through Yahoo also - that's how I found it.
I like the enthusiasm of the above infomercial. I'm sorry I missed
the broadcast.Tape the broadcast? Open the copyright book on that one.



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