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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000175.txt from 1998/04

Subj: Re: Rovner ligature oiling & Middle F on B.Cl.
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 23:38:31 -0500

In response to Jason's first question pertaining to Rovner ligatures and
greasing the screw, I have been using Rovner ligatures for years, and DO NOT
grease the screw nearly as often as the manual suggests. I maybe do it three
times a year, or when I determine that there is enough friction to warrant it.

David S. Naden, Graduate Student
Cal State University Los Angeles

Jason Hsien wrote:

> Hi. I actually have two questions for the list.
> For anyone who has Rovner ligatures, how often do you normally grease the
> metal screws? The Rovner manual recommended once a month, but I've gone for
> quite a few months without greasing them. Mostly, it is because I don't use
> my Rovners unless it's a performance or major rehearsal. And because of
> this, I don't see a need to grease them much at all, but what do any of you
> fellow Rover-ites do?
> My second question involves my Bass Clarint. It's a Selmer Professional
> Model (not sure about model, but it was purchased around 1990) with 2 piece
> neck, seperated body and down to low Eb. All my notes are very clean and
> crisp, except Left-thumb (middle) F, which always sounds very wet and
> slobbery (you all know that sound, hopefully!). Does anyone have any advice?
> I am asking this because my school band is going to NYC and one of the
> pieces is Rhapsody in Blue. Near the beginning, when I am supporting the 1st
> Clarinet solo, it really becomes evident, since I play half notes. Yes, I do
> have Tenor Saxes behind me also playing the same thing, but it is really
> loud. Any advice? (not playing isn't an option) My mouthpiece is a Selmer
> C*, and I am using a Vandoren 3 with Rovner Bari Sax/Bass Clarinet Dark.
> Thanks again!
> Jason Hsien
> Student, Amador Valley High School
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