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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000077.txt from 1998/04

Subj: Re: Copyright
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 19:29:02 -0500

On Thu, 2 Apr 1998, Joshua M. Coleman wrote:

> Okay, so what if you BUY the music, memorize it, die in an accident, after
> which your brain is transplanted into another human, who can now play the
> clarinet and can play the piece from your memory (as well as remember all
> of your memories!!), after which he is abducted by aliens who read his
> mind and thought and memories, so now they have obtained the piece. Isn't
> this breaking intergalactic copyright infringement laws as well? So what
> happens if those aliens die and their brains (or alien equivalents) are
> transplanted to other aliens? Then what?!? Oh, my. The copyright
> infringement lawyers would have a field day on that one.

There wouldn't be any problem here, because when you talk intergalactic,
you talk of long light years. And remember that when a copyright holder
is dead for over 50 years, the copyright expires. And I think it'll
take a certain number of years (maybe a couple of light years) before the
aliens get back home and can perform that music for their co-aliens. And
actually, when you talk intergalactic, there's not too much to worry
about copyright laws. Ever tried to sue somebody that lives millions of
miles away? You'll have more travel expenses than you'll get reimbursed
for the infrigment.

And there are other questions to ask yourself about this:
- Are aliens able to read our minds?
- If so, what music notation software do they use to put the music they
read on paper?
- Do aliens read music?
- Do aliens exist?

Ok, enough crap now, why don't we go back to using the list as a CLARINET
list. I didn't subscribe to read alien stories! (even if you can't
resist, you should resist).

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