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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000032.txt from 1998/04

From: benevolent1@-----. Horney)
Subj: Re: Brass VS. Woodwinds
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 16:10:57 -0500

At 04:48 PM 3/31/98 -0500, Justin Wood wrote:
I am currently a Bb Clarinet Player, but I play Tuba and Trumpet.
Recently I have taken up Trombone. Are any of these instruments going to
affect my embouchure for clarinet?

I play the clarinet and French Horn and from my experience I
think that being able to appreciate the problems unique to or magnified
for brass players helps your ensemble playing. Also, playing the French
horn has certainly helped me to control and focus my airstream. I do,
however, like a clarinet with a little more resistance than the student
and intermediate clarinets I used to play. I can't swear that this is
due solely (or even in part) to playing a brass instrument, but I can see
how one would reason that point.
If you already play tuba and trumpet, the trombone shouldn't do
any more harm, if any.
I think that given an unlimited amount of hours to practice,
anyone could master an unlimited amount of instruments, but that schedule
is not feasible. I urge you to proceed with caution. If you really are
afraid of negatively affecting your clarinet embouchure try limiting your
brass instruments to just one. You will probably be better on the
clarinet and tuba, for example than trying to master clarinet and tuba
and trumpet AND trombone.
Remember above all, however, to play the instruments you do
because you enjoy the experience. Don't add instruments to your
repertoire just to inflate your own ego, or your status in others' eyes.
It is not beneficial to anyone, and you won't do any favors for the world
of music by being insincere with yourself. It is impossible to really
make music if you are not honest with yourself. Music has a way of
bringing dishonest feeling out and highlighting.

Have fun!

Sarah Beth
ICQ UIN 6585512

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