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Klarinet Archive - Posting 001433.txt from 1998/03

From: "Kevin Fay" <>
Subj: Re: College auditions...
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 16:59:26 -0500


I think it more likely that you got in becuase you played the crap out
of them. I don't think a teacher whao was any good would care about the
horn (brand)--some w/ perfect pitch may ask why you're playing Bb parts
on A, though.

Anyone can buy a clarinet--I own several. You can always get a
different key or brand later. You can't buy talent at any price.


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Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 21:02:55 -0500
Subject: College auditions...
From: (From Me Man)

In my opinion & experience, it's quite simple. If they can play well,
then there will be a good chance that they will be accepted...not based
on their instrument. They can own a Buffet Double Prestige or a
Double Opus, but if they can't play it, why should they get in?

What I did do this year, though, is bring both my A & Bb into the
audition room...just so I could peak their interest so they could ask
whether or not I have experience orchestrally, etc. But...I didn't just
bring in the A. I had the Mozart Concerto & the Stravinsky Firebird
excerpts prepared to be played on the A if they asked for them. For my
Oberlin regional audition in NYC, I took both & used both for the taping
etc. During my week of auditions during Presidents' week to Indiana
Univ., DePaul, & Univ. of Michigan, I also brought both of them into the
audition room. Indiana said that I didn't have to play it for the
Mozart...DePaul, Ms. DeRoche heard enough after the Weber Concertino &
Messiaen Abyss of the Birds & therefore didn't ask for anything that
required the A...Univ. of Michigan, Mr. Ormand said, "Well, since you've
brought your A, then we may as well let you use it..." So, he asked me
to play the Stravinsky Firebird excerpts to Ms. Chodacki's amazement
you're being the mean one today..." That was a fun audition, by the
Also, keep in mind that auditions are pretty least when I
Most of the time, sometimes, was spent with me asking them questions
about the department, school in general, financial aid, etc. & them
asking me questions. Concluding, there's no time for bringing in 10
different pitched clarinets into the room especially if you can't play
don't even have anything prepared to play for each one of the
time you brought them all in, you're audition would be over! :) LOL!

However, I must admit. I'm trying to figure out if the reason why I was
admitted to DePaul was partly because I play a Leblanc Opus... What do
you all think? LOL!

Jeez! I really go into this one. I hope it kinda helped. Please send
me a message if you want to know more! :)

Kenneth Chin
Principal Clarinet
New York Youth Symphony

<<Mr. Charette posted...>>
I may have not made myself clear enough. My question was more in
the line of two equally qualified applicants in technique, tone,
sight reading, etc. One goes to the expense of renting a set of
clarinets they do not currently own to "be prepared". The other
applicant does not. Does it make any difference to the audition
committee in either case? Most high school students have never
even _heard_ of a basset clarinet, never mind knowing any music
written for it (my apologies to the high school students on this
list, who most certainly _have_ heard of a basset clarinet now :).
Does research count? Do I want my son to be taught by someone
who doesn't care that they are playing on the wrong keyed
instrument (as opposed to a teacher that _knows_ and cares but
makes a conscious decision not to for possibly financial reasons).

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