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Klarinet Archive - Posting 001304.txt from 1998/03

From: Donald R <>
Subj: clarinet quartets
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 17:40:17 -0500

Earlier I had posted a letter stating that I had a comprehensive library of
music for the clarinet. This library consists of duos,trios,quartets &
octets. All of these contain the clarinet.
The music that I am particularly proud of is my collection of clarinet
quartets. I have been collecting these quartets for many years, which
represent a wide variety of music for this combination. Please examine the
list of my clarinet quartets. If you have any questions, please feel free
to ask.

These quartets are for trade or sale. If interested in either choice please
E-mail me your request.
The terms of each choice is available upon request.

Here is the list:
-Clarinet Quartets
Book 1 -R 1-16
R1-Four Old Tunes-Gordon Jacob
R2-Divertimento-Alfred Uhl
R3-Cocclave and Fugue Patrol-Chester Leoni
R4-Loch Lomons-arr Lester-Bell
R5-Prayer from Hansel & Gretel
R6-Ode to Hiawatha-Ed Bagatini
R7-O Haupt Voll Blut und Wunden-JS Bach
R8-March-R Dillon
R9-The Old Refrain-Fritz Kreisler
R10-Perpetual Motion
R11-Six Gems from the Masters
R12-Pastoral and Dance
R16-Suite for four clarinetsw
Book 2-R17-30
R18-Rondo in F
R19-12 clArinet quartets(easy-for beginners)
R20-America, The Beautiful
R21-Bagatelle- C Grundman
R22-Ballet Egyptian
R-24-Three Blind Mice
R25-Pieds-Rn-L'Air(Capriol suite)
R26-Concerto Grosso op.3 no.10-Vivaldi
R27-The Star Spangled Banner
R30-Stars at Dawn-Carl Frangkiser
Book 3-R31-44
R31-Moths & Butterflies
R32-Pizzicto polka-Strauss
R33-Crussell ?
R34-Blue Tango-L Agostini
R35-Liza-G Gershwin
R36-Make Believe-J Kern
R37-Blue Danube Waltz-J Strauss Jr.
R38-Trois Pieces -E Bozza
R40-Haul Away-medly(English)
R41-Arietta (from the opera-The Two Misers)=3DGretry
R42-Waltz Medley
R43-Bach Goes To Town-Alec Templeton
R44-Andantino and Scherzo-James Waterson
Book 4-R45-50
R45-Don't Take your Love From Me
R46-Madonna mia genetil-Luca Marenzio(1560-1699)
R47-To Yonder Lovely Grove-Clement Janequin(1475-1568)
R48-Seascapes-Suite for 4 clarinets
R50-Tip Toe medley-
Book 5-R51-60
R52-Quartet Op.29 (D.804)-Schubert
R53-Andante(Qt in A minor op.29 D804)-Schubert
R54-Introduction, Theme and Variations-Rossini
R55A-The Blue Room(simple arangement)
R55B-The Blue Room(professional arrangement)
R56-Fugue-The Spirit Helpeth-JS Bach
R57-Canon-Dan Newmark
R58-Chanson-La,La Master Peter-Jacobus Clemens non Papa-(1510-1556)
R59-The Death of Ase(Peer Gynt Suite N0.1)-Grieg
R60-Norwegian Dance No. 2(op.35) Grieg
Book 6- R61-74
R61-The Entertainer-Scott Joplin
R62-Fast Walk-Daniel Dorf
R63-It Takes Four To Tango
R64-Allegro Rococo-Paul Koepke
R66-Christmas Medley-Licorice Allsorts
R67-The Yankee Doodle Boy
R68-We Wish You A Merry Christmas
R69-Valse a la Scherzo-H Walters
R70-Under The Boardwalk
R71-Ukrainian Echoes
R72-Thats A-Plenty
R73-Turkey In The Straw
R74-Two Little Bullfinches
Book 7- R75-90
R75-Quatuor No2 in Eb Major-JC Bach
R76-The Pink Panther-H Mancini
R77-Pop ! Goes The Weasel
R78-Polonaise and Presto-WA Mozart
R79-Plaisanterie-L Scarmolin
R80-Pop ! Goes The Wodwinds
R81-Isn't It Romantic
R82-It Had To Be You
R83-Kunst Der Fuge-JS Bach
R84-America The Beautiful
R85-Section Tuning Excercises
R86-Londondary Air(Danny Boy)
R87-Jingle Bells
R88-We Wish You A Merry Christmas
R89-Deck The Hallls
R90-White Christmas-The Licorice Allsorts
Book 8-R91-106
R91-Carnival of Venice
R93-Clarinet Quartet No. one, Op. 109 a-R Ehle
R94-Original Piece
R95-American Panorama-G McKay
R96-Arabesque-Walter Skolnik
R97-Ain't Misbehavin'
R100-Concerto in a 4 in Bb-GP Telemann
R101-Chase of the Centaurs-R Walker
R103-Caprice for Clarinets-C Grundman
R104-Entry of the Gladiators-arr Bill Holcombe
R105-Four Short Pieces
R106-Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Book 9-R107-122
R107-Schumann Scherzo
R108-Gavotte-from partita in Bminor-JS Bach
R109-Grant Us To Do With Zeal.Bach
R110-I Get a Kick Out Of You-Cole Porter
R111-Intermezzo-E MacDowell
R113-Moonlight Serenade-G Miller
R114-Mack The Knife-Kurt Weill
R115-Now Is The Hour
R118-Tomorrow Belongs To Me-from Cabaret
R119-Six Little Marches-CPE Bach
R120-Nocturne-quartet No. 2 in D minor-Borodin
R121-Salute To Glenn Miller
R122-Sunrise-from Fiddler on the Roof
Book 10-R 123-141
R123-She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain
R125-Shepherd's Hymn
R126-Sonota In C Major-Haydn
R127-Stars at Dawn-C Frangkiser
R128-Scott Joplin Portrait-arr Bill Holcombe
R129-Saturday Night Walt-Aaron Copland
R130-Come Back To Sorento
R132-Allegro-from Sinfonia II-JC Bach
R133-The Flight of the Bumble BeeiR Korsakov
R134-Three Clarinet Quartets-WA Crosse
R136-On A Pastoral Theme-G Mckay
R137-March Heroique-C Saint-Saens
R139-Bouree-Water Music suite-GF Handel
R140-Christmas Jazz =DFuite-arr Bill Holcombe
Book 11-R142-171
R145-Menuet-WA Mozart
R146-If I Were Rich Man
R147-Andante(quartet in D)-R Bohne op.60 no.2
R148-Over The Rainbow
R150-Make-Believe-from Show Boat
R151-Cassazione-WA Mozart
R152-Adagio from Concerto No. 1-Carl Maria von Weber
R153-In Praise of Lofty Intellect-G Mahler
R154-At An Old Trysting Place-E MacDowellop. 51
R155-Humoreske-R Lang
R156-Theme-from D minor string quartet-F Schubert
R157-Petite Toot Suite-G Perry
R158-Scherzo from octet op.103-LV Beethoven
R160-Prelude and Schezo-David Bennett
R161-Licorice-Stisk Suite-Gerald Sears
R162-Bohemian Suite-J Bradac
R163-Waltz o the Flowers-Tchaikovsky
R164-Two Early American Airs-Wm Billings
R165-Gavotte Classique-JohnDeBueris
R167-Prelude To Autumn
R168-Skater's Waltz
R169-Blue Danube Waltz
R171-Clarinet Rhapsody-David Bennett
Book 12- R172-187
R173-Famous ThemeHaydn-Brahms
R174-Schubert-Qt#6 2nd mvt
R176-Sarabande-GF Handel
R177-Pavanne-M Gould
R178-Folk Melody
R179-Fantasia-WS Johnson
R181-Christmas Medley
R182-Courante-MA Rossi
R183-Deep Purple
R185-Dinner March
R186-Concerto in F Minor-GF Handel
R187-Cradle Song-J Brahms
Book 13-R188-201
R188-Celebration Siute-Norman Helm
R189-Nocturne for Clarinet Quartet-Wm Presser
R191-Swing! (Low,Sweet Chariot)
R192-Sailing Along-Leon Lestetr
R193-Dark Romance
R194-Beauty and the Beast
R195-Hora Staccato(not a quartet)
R196-A whole New World-from Aladdin-piano part-to be arranged
R197-Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes-Old English
R198-Five Hungarian Dances-Farkas
R199-Jazz Suite-Joseph Horovitz
R200-Scott Joplin Rags-arr Peter Spink
R201-Travel Notes-Richard Rodney Bennett
Book 14-R202-220
R202-Fantasia-Paul Harvey
R203-Minuet-Noel Cox
R205-Clarinet Polka-solo clarinet(see file #22)
R206-When I Fall In Love-(to be arranged for quartet
R208-Alleluia and Choral
R209-Barn Dance
R211-Begin The Beguine-Cole Porter
R212-Loe Walked In-George Gershwin-arr JJ Morrissey
R213-Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet
R214-Procession Of TheSardar-Ippolitov-Ivanov
R215-Makin Whoopee
R216-Fiddler On The Roof
R217-Square Dance-Sam Raphling
219-One Fine Day(Madame Butterfly)
220-Auld Lang Syne
Beethoven Book-B1-10
B1-Qt. op. 18 No. 5-1st mvt
B2-Qt op.18 No. 6-4th mvt
B3-Qt op.95 no. 11- 2nd mvt
B4-Qt op.18 no. 3- 3rd mvt
B5-Qt op.18 no. 6-1st mvt
B6-Qt op.18 no. 5-menuetto
B7-Qt op.18 no1-3rd mvt
B8-Qy op.19 no.3-last mvt
B9-Qt op 18 no5-4th mvt
B10-Qt op95 no. 11-3rd mvt
Beethoven Book-B11-15
B11-Op.18 No 1-1st mvt(allegro con brio)
B12-Qt A Elise
B13-Qt op.59 no.2-4th mvt
B14-Trio- op.87 arr Wadham Sutton
B15-Qt-op.18 no.4-4th mvt
B16-op.18 no.2-allegro molto quasi presto
Mozart Book -M1-9
M1-Voi,Che Sapete-K.492-(Figaro)
M2-Allegro assai-K. 589
M3-Dissonance-K. 465 1st mvt-adagio
M4-Qt in D-K.499-4th mvt-allegro
M5-Qt in D- K.499-Minuet and Trio
M6-Qt K.465-Minuet
M7-Qt Dissonance-K.465 4th mvt
M8-Qt-K421-3rd mvt-menuetto
M9-Menuetto & Trio-from Div III(trio)
Mozart Book-M10-20
M10-Dritter Satz aus der sonate C-Dur-Rondo
M11-Qt K.174-1st mvt-quintet
M12-Rondo from Div IV
M13-Qt K. 428 1st mvt-allegro ma non tropo
M14-Qt K. 174 minuet-allegretto
M15-Qt in G-K. 387
M16-Qt from Haffner Symphony-4th mvt
M17-Andate-from Haffner Symphony no. 35
M18-Variation and fugue-on a theme by Mozart
M19-Qt K. 158-Funftes
M20-Quintet-K.265-12 variations
Mozart Book M21-26
M21-Minuet and trio-Qt in A-K.464-menuetto
M22-Clarinet trio-Rondo fromDiv no2
M23-At K.157
M24-Qt no.13 in D minor-K.173
M25-Qt in D-K. 575-1st mvt
M26-Qt K.575-1st mvt
M27-Menuetto-Qt. K.575-allegretto
M28-Qt. K 464-1st mvt -allegro
M29-Menuet fom Don Juan(Don Giovanni)
M30-Qt.-K. 464-4th mvt
M31-Qt in F-K.590-a;;egrp moderato
M32-Qt in D-K.575-4th mvt
M33-Divertimento-K. 136-3rd mvt
M34-Qt-K.171-4th mvt-allegro assai
M35-Qt.-K173-4th mvt-allegro moderato
M36-Eine Kleine Nachtmusik-1st mvt.
Mozart Book M37-50
M37-Minuet rom symphony No. 35(Haffner)
M38-Qt. K387-2nd mvt-allegretto
M39-Eine Kleine Nachtmusik-menuetto
M41-Qt. K.458-1st mvt-allegro vivace assai
M42-Rondo(Fr violin concerto)KV 216
M43-Rondo-allegro grazioso
M44-Serenade no. 11-K.375(octet)
M45-Mozartiana from12th piano concerto
M47-Drittes Quartet-K.156-presto
M48-Menuetto-K. 173
M50-Serenade No. 10-K 361(Gran Partita)
Mozart Book-M50-56
M50-Serenade no.10-excerts
M51-Serenade no.12-K.388
M54-Excerpt from Piano Sonata no.10-3rd mvt-K.333
M55-Allegro Maestoso-rom Horn Concerto-K.417
M56-Minuet from Symphony in G
H1-Qt op. 64 no.6-1st mvt
H2-Qt. op.71 no.3-1st mvt
H3-(minuet & trio) Qt. op.77 no.2
H4-Qt. op.74 no.1(finale)
H5-Qt op.76 no.2

=46ile #30-Qt Book Eb
27-Argentine-David Bennett
28-Clarinet Rhapsody-David Bennett
31-Alexander's Ragtime Band
32-Fantasia-Wm Spencer Johnson
33-Suite for 4 equal clarinets-TS Smith
35-Qt -op.76 no.1-1st mvt-Haydn
36-Emperor Variations-J Haydn op.76 no.3
37-Qt-op.18 no.2-4th mvt-a;;egro molto quasi presto-LVB
38-Michel Britt selections-Haydn quartets-op..77 no.2 in F
40-Fugue in G-JS Bach
44-Three Folk Dances-Bela Bartok
46-Scherzo-op.18 no.1-LVB
47-Op.76 no.5-minuet
52-Excerpt from Rondo,sonata pathetique-LVB
54-Excerpt from piano sonata no.10 K.333-WAM
56-Qt op.77 no.1-1st mvt-Haydn
57-Menuetto-K.387-2nd mvt-WAM
58-Bridal Chorus
59-Because-Guy d'Hardelot
60-The Star Spangled Banner-FS key
63-At An Old Trysting Place-To A Wild Rose-E MacDowell
64-Berceuse-from the Firebird-I Stranvinsky
65-March of the Dwarfs-op.53 no.4-Morris moszkowski
67-In Praise of Lofty Intellect-G Mahler
69-Sonata(clarinet trio)-GF Handel
72-Crusell-op.2 in Eb
Clarinet Quartet Audition Books
Caprice for Clarinets-Clare Grundman
Pop ! Goes The Wodwinds-arr Acton Ostling
Menuet-Don Juan-WAM
The Entertainer-S. Joplin
Andante-R Bohne
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik-mvt 1 -WAM
Allegro-from Sinfonia II-JC Bach
Over the Rainbow-arr Eric Albinder
Three Blind Mice
Eine Klein Nachtmusik-2nd mvt Romsnze-WAM
Eine Klein Nachtmusik-3rd mvt-menuetto-WAM
Audition book-program 31:30 minutes
Eine Klein Nachtmusik-mvt1
Caprice for clarinets
Pop Goes the woodwinds
menuet-don juan
Audition Book(continued)
Allegro-fr sinfonia II
over the rainbow
three blind mice
Eine Klein Nachtmusik mvt2
Eine Klein Nachtmusik-menuetto
the entertainer

Quartet Book-JEED
J1-Three Blind Mice
J5-Sabbath Prayer-from Fiddler
J6-Meditation from Thias
J7-Easter Lilies-Chas Samak
J9-Minuet-Symphony no.35-Haffner-WAM
J10-Prelude To Autumn
J13-Once In A While
J14-That's A Plenty
J16-Amparita Roca-Spanish March
J18-Drittes Quartet-K.156-WAM
J21-Viertes Quartet-K. 157-WAM
J22-Ballet Egypian
J23-Quartet K.459-1st mvt
J26-Qt op.71 no.3-minuet-Haydn
J28-Wedding Marchfr Rustic Wedding Symphony-Carl Goldmark
J29-Qt. op.76 no.3-Minuet-Haydn
J33-Air-from Water music-GF Handel
J34-Eine Kleine Nachtusik
J35-Allegretto Grazioso-J Brahms
=46ILE #32-
Qt Book-Eb
3-Qt op. 77 no.2-minuet & trio-Haydn
4-Qt op. 76 no. 5-finale-presto
5-Qt op. 71 no.1-finale-vivace-Haydn
7-Qt op 76 no.4 finale-"sunrise"-allegro mon non tropo-Haydn
9-Qt minuet- K.174-allegretto-WA Mozart
10-Qt Reverie-C Debussy
23-Qt-Intermezzo-E MacDowell
24-Bouree-GF Handel
25-Qt-Schumann Scherzo-op 41 no.1(A minor quartet)

=46ILE #33-
1-Sinfonia "alla rustica" in G major-op.51 no.4-A Vivaldi
2-Five Hungarian Dances
3-Liebesfreud(Love's Joy)F Kreisler
4-Scott Joplin-Portrait-arr Bill Holcombe
5-Scott Joplon Ragsarr Peter Spink
6-Five Pieces from Carmen-G Bizet arr H Freedman
7-The Blue Room- R Rodgers
9-Fast Walk-Daniel Dorff
10-Andante-Qt in A minor op29 2nd mvt D804 -Schumann
11-It Takes Four To Tango-Daniel Dorff

=46ILE #34
Qt Book Eb
1-Auld Lang Syne
2-America, The Beautiful
4-Qt. K.575 3rd mvt-menuetto-WAM
5-Morning Song-Mendelssohn
6-Sarabande-GF Handel
10-Gavotte-JS Bach
11-Over The Rainbow-arr Eric Albinder
12-Sunrise, Sunset-from Fiddler
13-Rudolpf the Red-Nosed Reindeer
17-Stars at Dawn-Carl Frangkiser
19-Make Believe-from Show Boat-Jerome Kern
21-Allegro con Brio-op18 no1 LVB
22-Norwegin Dance-op.35 no.2-Greig
23-Tomorrow Belongs To Me-from Cabaret
25-Zweiter Satz aus der Sonate G-Dur op.49 no.2 LVB
26-Serenade no.10(excerpts)WAM
27-Serenade No.10 Trio
29-Begin The Beguine-Cole Porter
30-Procession of the Sardar-I Ivanov
31-Love Walked In-G Gershwin
32-Carnival of Venice-WA Crosse
33-Qt. no.13-K.173-2nd mvt-Andante grazioso
35-Romany Life
36-Divertimento-K.136 3rd mvt-presto-WAM
37-Rondo allaTurca-K.361-WAM
38-Qt. K.465 4th mvt-Dissonance
40-One Fine Day-from Madame Butterfly- G Puccini

=46ILE 35--Book1-Bb 3rd clarinet
1-Morning Song
3-Qt op.77 no.2-minuet and trio-Haydn
4-QT op.76 no.5-Finale-presto-Haydn
5-Qt. op. 71 no.1-finale- vivace-Haydn
6-Qt. op.76 no.4-menuetto-K.575-allegretto-WAM
7--Qt. op.76 no.4-finale-sunrise-Haydn
8-Eine Kleine Nachtmusik-1st mvt allegro-WAM
10-Qt.-K.465-4th mvt-Dissonance-WAM
13-The Pink Panther-H Mancini
14-Gavotte-from partitain B minor-JS Bach
15-Over The Rainbow-from Wiard o Oz
16-Sunrise, Sunset-from Fiddler
17-Rudolph the Red-Nosd Reindeer-JohnnyMarks
18-The Entertainer=3DScott Joplin
19-Makin' Whoopie
21-Andante-op.60 no.2-R Bohne
22-Reverie-C Debussy
23-Intermezzo-E MacDowell
24-Bouree-from water music-GF Handel
25-Schumann Scherzo-from A minor quartet
Book 2- Bb 3rd clarinet
29-Come Back To Sorento
31-Alexander's Ragtime Band
33-Suite-for 4 equal clarinets-TS Smith
34-Menuetfrom Don Juan-WAM
35-Qt. op.76no.1-1st mvt-Haydn
36-Emperor Variations-op.76 no.3-Haydn
37-Qt op 18 no.2-4th mvt LVB
38-Qt. op.18 no.1-allegro con brio-LVB
40-Fugue in G minor-JS Bach
41-Norwegian Dance-op.35 no.2-Greig
43-Allegro-from Siinfonia II-JC Bach
44-Three Folk Dances-Bela Bartok
45-Qt. op.49 no.2-Zweiter Satz ausder sonate G-Dur-LVB
Book 3-Bb 3rd clarinet
49-Caprice for Clarinets-Clare Grundman
50-Begin The Beguine-Cole Porter
51-Procession of the Sardar-Ippolitov-Ivanov
52-Excerpt from Rondo,Sonata Pathatique-LVB
53-Love Walked In-G Gershwin
54-Excerpr from Piano Sonata no.10 3rd mvt K.333 WAM
55-Carnival of Venice-WA Crosse
56-Qt. op. 77 no.1-1st mvt -Haydn
58-Bridal Chorus
60-The Star Spangled Banner
61-Auld Lange Syne
66-Qt.K.173-Dreizehntes(Andante Grazioso)WAM
68-A Elise-LVB
70-Romany Life
71-Divertimento-K.136 3rd mvt WAM
72-If I Were A Rich Man-from Fiddler
73-Crussell-Qt. op.2 poco adagio

1-We Wish You A Merry Christmas+Eb
2-Up On A Rooftop+Eb
3-Deck The Halls+Eb
4-O Tannenbaum+Eb
5-Hark The Herald Angels Sing-4 Bb Cl
6-Joy To The World-4 Bb Cl
7-Angels We Have Heard On High-4 Bb Cl
8-O Holy Night-4 Bb Cl
Set for 4 Bb Clarinets
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Deck The Hall
Adeste Fidelis
O Holy Night
Joy To The World
Jingle Bells
Silent Night
The Forst Noel
Hark ! The Herald Angels Sing
We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Christmas Jazz Suite

Haydn Book-H1-16
H1-Qt op.64 no.6 1st mvt
H2-Qt op.71 no.3 1st mvt
H3-Qt. op 77 no.2(minuet & trio)
H4-Qt op.74 no. 1(finale)
H5-Qt. op.76 no.2 nd mvt
H6-Qt op.64 no.1 minuet
H7-Qt op.76 no.3 theme and variations
H8-Qt. op.76 no.5 allegro
H9-Largo from symphony 88
H10-Qt. op.76 no.4-menuetto
H11-Qt. op.54 no.1
H12-Qt. op 76no.4 finale(sunrise)
H13-Qt. op.54 no.1 2nd mvt-minuet
H14-Qt. op.54 no.1 finale
H15-Qt. op 76 no.3 in C minor-Emperor Variations
H16-Qt. op.74 no.3-alllegro in A minor
Haydn Book -H17-22
H17-Gipsy Rondo
H18-Qt. op.76 no.1 1st mvt
H19-Qt. op.76 no.5 finale
H20-Qt op 71no.1 finale
H21-Qt.op 77 no.1-finale
H22-Qt. op.76 no.5 allegro
H23-Qt op.77 no.1 1st mvt

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