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Klarinet Archive - Posting 001248.txt from 1998/03

From: Larry Paikin <>
Subj: new work for solo clarinet
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 17:39:22 -0500

If you can pull in CBC-RADIO 2 (formerly CBC-FM) this Sunday noon, 29
March, or can get on the CBC website, you can hear
four wonderful musicians from Hamilton, Ontario,
soloists,teachers,ensemble players,etc., members of The Chamberworks
Players who were recorded today at the GLENN GOULD HALL in Toronto.
Suzanne Shulman,flute
Valerie Tryon, piano
Jack Mendelsohn,cello
Stephen Pierre, clarinet
performed Saint-Saens' Tarantella Op. 6 P,Fl Cl 6'15"
Debussy's Sonata Prologue P 5' ,
serenade&finale P Vc 11'30"
Elma Miller La nuit s'ouvre solo Cl 6' 43"
Hummel Minka P Vc Fl 15'40"

The Miller is a first performance and the only work for solo clari in
the Cdn Music Centre.
It's 6 1/2 minutes of joy, challenge and for Steve Pierre, a triumph.
Elma 's work describes the exraordinary sounds of nightfall and the
score permits only those with
immense talent to explore it.
I was fortunate to hear Steve play it for a small gathering of
rehearsal friends last Sunday and again today to an sro house.
Get your tape recorder for the Sunday broadcast. You wont believe your
In the Toronto-Hamilton area it's 94.1 FM. The CBC site has all the FM
stations listed.
Starting time: right after the noon newscast-about 12:06 PM.

P.S. Elma Miller has an amazing website:

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